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Surfing in County Sligo

County Sligo is located just south of County Donegal and shares the best surf spots in the country with the northern neighbouring County. The south coast of Donegal Bay, the birthplace and home of surfing in Ireland, lies in County Sligo as well as several world class waves. With prevailing winds from southwest and most of the coastline facing north, the shores of County Sligo are exposed to most of the North Atlantic swells making this one of the most consistent surfing areas in Europe. There are many kinds of waves around the County ranging from perfect reef breaks to consistent river mouths and fun beach breaks. The best time of the year to surf is from September to November, but the area is so consistent that it can pump amazing waves at any time of the year.


Best surf spots in County Sligo

The prime surf spots in County Sligo are Ardtermon Stand, Easkey Left and Right, Dunmoran Strand, Enniscrone, Pollacheeny Harbour, Strandhill and Yellow Strand.


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