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Surfing in County Donegal

County Donegal is located in the northern part of Ireland and its a low populated stunning area that has rugged coastline and picturesque scenery. This is one of the few pristine regions in Europe where it’s possible to find quality and completely empty surf spots. The coastline has high sea cliffs and countless headlands, bays and beaches where incredible waves are still waiting to be found. Most of the surf spots are super exposed to the intense waters of the North Atlantic Ocean with no lack of swell throughout the whole year. At the south part of the County lies Donegal Bay, the birthplace and main surfing area in the country. This Bay is home to many world class waves due to its perfect shaped reefs, river mouths and beach breaks. The optimal time to surf in the area is from April to November when the weather is nice and the swells are not massive. Despite that some of the best waves need extra large swells to work making winter a good time to explore sheltered bays and coves.

Best surf spots in County Donegal

The best surf spots in Donegal County are Rossnowlagh, Bundoran, Bloody Foreland, Culdaff, Dunfanaghy, North Malin,  Magheroaty, Pollan Bay, Rosapenna, Gweebarra and Loughros Beg.


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