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Surfing in Corsica

Corsica is a mountainous Mediterranean island that lies on the southeast of France. The island landscape presents a mix of stylish coastal towns, dense forest and craggy peaks. Most of the island falls within a national park that has many hiking trails and picturesque beaches that can have some good waves especially during autumn and winter. The best parts of the island to surf are the west, northwest and north coasts since they receive more swell. The best wind direction is southwest since this is offshore on most of the best breaks around Corsica. Aregno Beach and Capo di Feno are usually popular among advanced surfers and Ile Rousse, Marine de Davina and Beach of Bodri are better suited for beginners. Corsica is an ideal surf destination for those looking for a comfortable surf vacation in the Mediterranean Sea.


Best surf spots in Corsica

The best surf spots are Ajaccio bay, Capo di Fen, Lumio, Aregno Beach, Farinole, Ile Rousse, Marine de Davina, and Beach of Bodri.


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