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Surfing in Colima and Michoacan

Colima and Michoacan are two states located in the pacific coast of Mexico. This area is known for having heavy beach breaks that will test any surfers skills but also long point breaks and mellow river mouths that are better suited for beginners and intermediates. This area receives year round swells from both the North and South Pacific Ocean but the best time of the year to surf is from April to October. This is when solid swells reach the pacific coast of Mexico producing the biggest waves in the whole Central America. Surfing in Colima and Michoacan can be shadowed by the more famous neighboring states but still has a fair share of good quality mexican waves.


Best surf spots in Colima and Michoacan

The best and most famous surf spots are Cuyutlan, El Paraiso, Pascuales and Rio Nexpa.


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