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Surfing in Causeway Coast

The Causeway Coast is located on the North Coast of the island and stretches for 26 miles from Ballycastle to Magilligan Head. The Causeway Coast has all kinds of surf spots ranging from mellow waves ideal for beginners to punchy and hollow beach breaks that are perfect for advanced surfers. This is likely one of the most surfed areas in the country due to the closeness to the main cities of the East Coast that come to the north looking for the consistency of swells that can be found on these shores. The best swell direction to the Causeway Coast is from northwest or north but a solid west can still wrap around and produce some quality waves. The prevailing winds are mostly offshore which means that the conditions are usually clean on most days of the year. The main surfing hub is located around Portrush since the city is strategically located in the middle of the coast and has an abundant number of accommodations available. 


Best surf spots in Causeway Coast

The best surf spots in Causeway Coast are Benone Strand, Castlerock, Portballintrae, Whiterocks and Portrush.


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