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Surfing in Bocas Del Toro

Bocas del Toro is a beautiful chain of islands located in Panama’s Caribbean coast. Every year lots of tourists and surfers are attracted to Bocas Del Toro looking for the perfect holiday or surf trip. The area is known for having the best surfing spots in the country and also for the amazing scenery and exciting party scene. There are lots of different surf spots that are suitable for all kinds of surfers. With so many surf spots and islands to explore is really helpful to look for guidance while visiting Bocas Del Toro. The best time to visit Bocas Del Toro is in between December to April but the crowd factor can be annoying. July is known for having good waves and way less crowd. Having that said Bocas is a party town and lots of surfers wake up late which means that early risers can score the most popular surf spots without having to deal with a big crowd.


Best surf spots in Bocas Del Toro

The best surf spots in Bocas Del Toro are Paunch, Dumpers, Bluff, Black Rock, Punta Carenero, Wizard Beach and Red Frog Beach.


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