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Surfing in Biarritz/Anglet

Biarritz is a charming beach town located in the southwestern France’s Basque Coast. The area is known for being a major surfing destination in Europe that attracts thousands of surfers every year. Biarritz has long stretches of sand around Angler and also some quality reef breaks and slabs in Guéthary. There are a series of jetties situated in Anglet that offer good protection from the wind that can’t be found on the beaches up north. The Basque Coast is also known for being a big wave venue since the surf spot of Belharra was surfers by big riders in 2002. Avalanche as the name suggests is another break that can handle size and is charged by a local crew that prefers to paddle rather than be towed. As you can see this part of France has a little bit of everything and should be considered to be visited in case you are in the area.


Best surf spots in Biarritz/Anglet

The best and most famous surf spots are Grande Plage, Côte des Basques, Guéthary, La Barre, La Madrague, Lafitenia, Le Club, Le VVF, Les Cavaliers, Les Corsaires, Marinella and Sables D’Or.


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