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Surfing in Beira Litoral

Beira Litoral is a stretch of coast on the north part of Portugal that has been gaining more popularity in the last years since the discovery of the big wave venue of Nazaré. What most people don’t know is that Nazaré also has an extremely good beach break and the area also has other good surf breaks like Figueroa da Foz. Summertime offers fun waves while winter is bombarded with giant swells that maxes out pretty much all the breaks except for the enormous waves of Nazaré.


Best surf spots in Beira Litoral

The best surf spots are Buarcos, Cabedelo, Cortegaça, Esmoriz, Espinho, Furadouro, Leirosa, Miramar, Nazaré, Praia da Barra, Praia da Madalena, Praia da Tocha, Praia da Vagueira, Praia das Paredes, Praia da Mira, Praia de Paramos, Praia do Norte, Praia Velha, Sao Pedro do Moel and Torreira.


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