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Surfing in Barbados

Barbados is located in the Caribbean Sea and belongs to the Windward chain of islands. The country is famous for being a tropical holiday resort destination with exciting nightlife, good restaurants, azure waters and white sand beaches. Barbados is also the easternmost island in the Caribbean which means strong trade winds and consistent swells all year round. The best time to surf is from October to March. There are plenty of surf spots scattered around the island and every coast has a good surf spot on demand. The south is more sheltered and offers nice beach breaks for beginners, while the east coast boasts some heavy reef breaks ideal for advanced surfers. With everything a surfer needs for a perfect surf trip is surprising that Barbados is not considered one of the prime surf destinations in the world.



Climate in Barbados

The climate in Barbados is tropical with hot and humid weather all year round. There is small temperature variation along the year, but a cooler and more pleasant season occurs from December to April, while from May to October the weather is more humid and hot. The prevailing trade wind helps to bring the heat index down. The best time to surf on the island is from October to March. This is when solid ground swells consistently hit the island. The rest of the year is smaller but still consistent swells reach the shores of Barbados and are often more glassy in the mornings. The water temperature is pleasant and never drops below 25°C. 


Best surf spots in Barbados

There are good surf spots all over the island. The best surf spots for beginners are located on the more sheltered south coast and the east coast is better suited for more advanced surfers. This are the best surf spots in Barbados: Batts Rock, Brandons, Conset Point, Crane Bay, Duppies, Freights, Long Beach, Maycocks, Parlors, Ragged Point, Sand Bank, Sandy Lane, Silver Sands, Soup Bowl, South Point, Surfer's Point, Tent Bay and Tropicana.


Budget Planning

Meal price range

Simple meals start at $5 USD. Mid-range meals start at $25 USD. Dining & drinking at high-end restaurants can cost anywhere from $50-70 USD


Equipment rental

There are a few places where you can rent gear from. Boards start at $30 USD a day. 


Prepaid SIM cards

Digicel is a good choice. SIM cards can be purchased from official stores, supermarkets and the airport. 


Prepaid packages start at $20 USD.


Public transport

Barbados' bus transportation is a great way to see the island. This is possibly your cheapest mode of transportation as a ticket costs $3.50 USD. 

Taxis are available and easy to find. They are not metered so make sure you agree on a fixed fee with the driver in advance.

Rental cars start at around $40 USD a day. 

Gas prices  

$1.53 USD a liter.  


Types of risks

Rarely gets big surf, trade winds.


How to prepare


Citizens from most countries, including the EU, US, and Australia, can enter on a visa exempt to Barbados. You’ll be able to stay from 28 to 180 days, depending on which country you’re from. 



Although it's not mandatory, it’s recommended that you have been vaccinated for hepatitis A & B, yellow fever, typhoid, rabies, meningitis, polio, Tdap, chickenpox, shingles, pneumonia, influenza, measles, mumps and rubella. You may be asked to show proof of your yellow fever vaccination if you come from a country with a risk of yellow fever.


Things to know


Language & Currency

English is the official language.


The currency is the Barbados Dollar.


Best time to go

The time to surf in Barbados is from October to March.

Checking Surf forecast 

Checking the forecast about a week before your trip is always a good idea. Understanding what the waves will be like and knowing what gear to pack is essential. You can check the forecast for the waves here.


Do I need pack a pharmacy kit

You should bring a basic kit. Including ear drops, eye drops, bandaids, ear plugs, gaze, alcohol, mosquito repellent and broad spectrum antibiotic ointment.


Travel/Surf Insurance

World Nomads has great travel insurance packages that are not super expensive and they cover surfing.



Dial 211.


Check surf pictures of Barbados at #surfbarbados.

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