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Surfing in Amapa, Pará e Maranhão

Amapa, Pará and Maranhão are 3 states in the north of Brazil. Instead of being known for perfect reef, point or beach breaks, this area is famous for having the longest tidal bore in the world. This incredible phenomenon happens in the Amazon River and attracts surfers from all over the world that want to experience riding a wave for more than 30 minutes if their legs survive for this long. The longest ride ever registered is the unofficial world record set by Picuruta Salazar that managed to ride the bore for 37 minutes and travel 12.5km down the river. Besides the tidal bore wave this area has some beach breaks that can be fun in the right conditions.


Best surf spots in Amapa, Pará e Maranhão

The best and most famous surf spots are Atalaia, Aracaji, Chavascal, Crispim, Itatinga and Travosa.


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