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Praia de Santa Cruz Surf Camp - Torres Vedras, A dos Cunhados. Surf Camps in Portugal


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All it takes is just 200 meters down the path from our surf camp to find yourself in pristine and charming Praia da Vigia (Vigia Beach)  one of 20 beaches belonging to Santa Cruz miles-long sandy shore. This area is lavishly gifted with great uncrowded waves almost all year round.


Whether you are traveling alone or with a group of friends, prefer privacy or constant company, opt for surf or not, we have holiday packages for various needs and budgets.


Out of 11 originally decorated rooms, choose one that appeals most to your heart: private or shared, with a little balcony or own terrace, a minibar or a bathtub.


Every room has its own shower and WC, which means… no morning and after surf queues!


Whatever your choice is, you will find yourself in a tasteful interior with maximum comfort.

Please, meet our rooms!


A spacious 3-level house with open terraces and glimpses of the sea, 11 originally decorated rooms and its own Lounge & Bar was created to become your secret holiday escape. We made sure that this place has everything you need for a comfortable and pleasant stay.


  • Fully-equipped kitchen
  • Canteen
  • Bar & Lounge
  • Open chill space
  • Free WI-FI
  • Stationary computer & printer service
  • Individual lockers
  • Free bikes & longboards
  • Traveler kit


Praia da Mexilhoeira

Created in warm yellow colors, this twin room always seems to be filled with sunshine and positive vibes.


  • Double bed
  • Shower & WC
  • Balcony
  • Wardrobe & locker

Praia da Física

This petite twin room smells lilac. Almost too tender and delicate, it is a fresh spring corner in our tropic-like summer house.


  • Double bed
  • Shower & WC
  • Balcony
  • Wardrobe & locker

Praia da Vigia

Compact and light-toned, this room boasts a pretty awesome own terrace with oh-so-inviting sunbeds and juicy greens. By the way, where are the drinks?!


  • Double bed
  • Shower & WC
  • Balcony
  • Wardrobe & locker

Praia Azul

Gentle lagoon-blue tones of this room will make you dream about the ocean even at night.


  • Three awesome bunk beds
  • Bathtub
  • Balcony
  • Wardrobe & locker

Praia do Max

Coral sunrise fires up the walls, and keeps burning, burning, burning…


  • Double bed
  • Shower & WC
  • Wardrobe & locker

Praia de Sta. Rita

Our absolutely cool bunks easily beat a decent kingsize bed when it comes to comfort. Grab your three best friends or join other travelers and test them!


  • Two awesome bunk beds
  • Bathtub
  • Balcony
  • Wardrobe & locker

Praia dos Quarenta

Inspired by the cliffs over the blue sky, here you feel the sea breeze and the peaceful of the countryside.


  • Double bed
  • Shower & WC
  • Balcony
  • Wardrobe & locker

Praia do Navio

Located secludedly on the top floor, this mini-apartment (rather than a room) with mini-kitchen and own not-so-mini terrace will add a spoonful of intimacy to your stay.


  • Double bed
  • Shower & WC
  • Balcony
  • Wardrobe & locker

Praia do Pisão

Remember constructing your own table-and-blanket ‘house’ as a child and leading a secret life there until your parents return home? This room, with a sloped ceiling and bedside lamps (for hush-hush planning and late-night reading), is very much alike your hand-made version, but spacious, sturdy and comfy. You’ll love it!


  • Double bed
  • Shower & WC
  • Balcony
  • Wardrobe & locker



Surfing is our core (and most beloved) activity.  Our qualified and passionate surf instructors will guide you into fascinating and magic world of surf, where human connects with the ocean, nature and other people alike.


Surf School

We love surfing, and our goal is to share this love with you, our guest!


Whether it´s your first rendezvous with the magic surf lifestyle, or you´re already a “hooked” one, our team cannot wait to greet you on board!


Let us introduce you briefly to the way we run surf lessons here:


Monday to Friday, surf lessons take place at charming Vigia Beach, nestled just 200m away from our surf camp.


You will enjoy two surf sessions (≈ 3 h) daily with a 30min snack (or nap) break in between. The class schedules vary from day to day as they depend on ocean tides and weather conditions, but our team will always keep you updated.


Every surf lesson is composed in a way that enables joyful, step-by-step and easy-to-follow learning process. Even though each surf session is unique when it comes to feeling and content, there are core principles that form a solid basis for our surf teaching philosophy.


Safety First!


We will introduce you to essential safety and surf etiquette rules; ensure your physical and mental preparation for any kind of situations that may occur on water;


Tell you about favorable (and not) surf conditions and how to identify them; explain how to deal with surf equipment and make a surfboard your friend. In other words, we guarantee you receive all the critical knowledge and skills to surf safely.

Don´t drop the (theory) base!


What is the nature of waves and how do they differ? How does the ocean live (yes, it´s alive!) and behave? How do you climb and even stand up onto that surfboard?! What is the difference between “greens” and “foams” and soft and hard boards?

How do you paddle and turn? Basically, we will tell you everything we know (and even more!) about surfing, because surfing requires profound knowledge and understanding.

Surf Rental/Day

Practice makes surfers


At sunrise and sunset, at fast pace and in meditation-like mode, first on sand, then on water, you will practice all kind of exercises and techniques to master the art of surf, gradually and joyfully.


You will learn how to:

– prepare your body for surf session with a proper warm-up – enter the water in right place and right time.

Choose waves – paddle efficiently and manage breath – stand up on board – hold balance and turn and many more things (we just don´t like listing!).


Each surf session is, therefore, a balanced mix of theory, practice and rest.


What’s included:

  • Wetsuit
  • Surfboard
  • Transfers



Each with a special feel, both fun otherwise, skates and longboards are for your free use to ride those concrete waves. In case you seek some advice, our professional fellow skateboarder is happy to share with you few tricks and tips once a week.



Craving for adrenaline boost and emotional jolt? A parachute jump may be the answer.


Riding and BTT

Grab your two-wheel companion and set off exploring the surroundings. We guarantee they are pretty amazing!



Our coast boasts being the best national spot for paragliding. Under the guidance of highly qualified professionals, you have a perfect chance to appreciate breathtaking landscapes and live unique momentum.


Tai Chi

Introduce yourself to Tai Chi – a Chinese martial art, which is all about energy flow, relaxation and reaching equilibrium


Guided Tours

Turn head north, turn head south (and east) – you´ll find a bunch of world-famous destinations within 1h drive. Let us take you there and show around!


Adega Mãe

A local winery. Take a peek into the entire process of wine-making and savour a glass or two to give your final verdict.


Buddha Eden Garden

Fantastic garden lavishly filled with pagodas, sculptures, and statues, will keep you surprised at each step across its vast territory.



Immodestly historical and seductively hype, the capital of Portugal is waiting to be explored.



You will be speechlessly amazed facing one of the world´s biggest waves.



Visitors love this tiny town for authentic medieval sensation and sturdy castle fortress.


Surfboards Factory

One cannot know alpha and omega of surf without understanding how a surf board is created.

Let´s pay a visit to a local shaper and ask him few tricky questions!



Perhaps the natural beauty of its beaches, Santa Cruz is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Portugal.


Santa Cruz and its surroundings, are endowed with a set of beaches, mostly formed by long and sandy beaches, surrounded by majestic cliffs.


There are many options for a refreshing surf session in the Atlantic or simply to rest the body a sunbath.


Over more than 20 km of coastline, Assenta to Porto Novo, over twenty beaches are at your disposal, some in the vicinity of forests inviting for a picnic or a restful nap.

Getting Here



Surf camp Transfer: 60€ – 45 Minutes


Taxi: 120€ – 45 Minutes


Bus: Airport to Campo Grande Bus – 2.50€ – 30 Minutes

Campo Grande to Torres Vedras Bus – 6.10€ – 50 Minutes
Torres Vedras to Santa Cruz Bus (Cliff Surfcamp) – 2.50€ – 40 Minutes

Total: 11.10€ – 2h00


Bed & Breakfast

Low Season 20€ 25€

Mid Season

25€ 30€
High Season 30€ 35€

Explorer Pack

  • 7 Nights Accomodation
  • 1 Welcome Drink
  • Breakfast and beach lunch
  • 2 BBQ
  • Cinema sessions


/week Pack Extra night Pack Extra night
Low Season 175€ 20€ 235€ 25€

Mid Season

220€ 25€ 290€ 30€
High Season 290€ 30€ 350€ 35€

Experience Surf Pack

  • 7 Nights Accomodation
  • 1 Welcome Drink
  • Breakfast and beach lunch
  • 2 BBQ
  • 5 Surf days (2 lessons/day)
  • Cinema sessons


/week Pack Extra night Pack Extra night
Low Season 350€ 45€ 410€ 50€

Mid Season

410€ 50€ 470€ 55€
High Season 470€ 55€ 525€ 60€


If you have a reservation in our Surfcamp, we will assure the transfer from Lisbon airport to the camp, an authorized person will be waiting at the airport in Terminal 1 at the exits.

Transfers from Lisbon airport to the camp are free only on Sundays, 8:00 – 20:00.


For the other days, the price is:


Lisbon Airport
8:00 – 20:00 60€ + 10€/extra pax
20:00 – 00:00 75€ + 10€/extra pax


Torres Vedras
8:00 – 20:00 25€ + 5€/extra pax
20:00 – 00:00 30€ + 5€/extra pax


Low Season – February, November, December and March

Mid Season – April, May, June and October

High Season – July, August and September


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