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Night SUP Adventure


The exploration has to do with the discovery, see what you have never seen before.


When you are in a Stand Up Paddle Board Night, you are searching for adventures right in front of you, so far we have been at the mercy of the sun. SUP night tours are a special way to see the bays of cities, lakes or rivers at night. On a clear night, the stars are bright and the water is so clear that you think you are floating in the air. The experience at night is a whole new world that reveals itself as you glide over the water.


Paddle Board night tours are very exciting and new in Spain, a fashion imported from California, an activity that begins when darkness descends. It is not necessary to be an expert, but if SUP has not yet been practiced, some notions are recommended to maintain the balance and become familiar with the material and obviously to carry out the activity with the specialized schools and companies to prevent risks and be able to fully enjoy this experience.


Discover the nightlife underwater in paddle surfing is possible due to some LEDs that are placed on the boards: one or several lines full of monochromatic and colored LEDs that are powered by an external battery is placed on your board with a switch with several lighting modes (blinking, fixed, varying colours, etc.)


These lines of LEDs are placed longitudinally along your board, being able to put them in two different ways: The first, through some adjustable shells with the advantage that you can put  and take them off when you want; And the other, fixing them with a water resistant adhesive.


There is also a variant of parallel lines of submersible LEDs light, which are positioned anywhere in your board. The lights make you feel like in a swimming pool, since it reflects on the bottom and when paddling, becoming a glow that seems to wrap the SUP board while you are slowly moving forward.


The coastline, lakes and rivers are filled with shapes and shadows. The fishes appear suddenly on the lights just below your feet and quickly disappear or sometimes they simply float under the board when you stop paddling. Furthermore when you look up, you come across the mind-blowing sky, the via lacteals clearly visible with a mysterious aura, millions and millions of stars on new moon days.


And what about full moon nights?! We look down from time to time to see how the board is going in the water, then look back at the sky again. There is no need to let the fun stop when the sun goes down anymore, actually, it is when the best starts! Get in touch with the companies in your area to carry out this exciting activity and be able to say that it is an absolutely incredible experience because of the tranquility and peace that is transmitted in the emptiness of the night.


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