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KedunguĀ is the perfect surf spot to escape the crowded line ups of Batu Bolong and Echo Beach. Located 20min up north from Canggu this break offers mellow waves on the high tide and powerful shore breaks on the low.


Peak type: Reef break

Wave power: Mellow

Sea Bed: Reef

Length of ride: 50 - 100m

Wave size: 1 - 6 ft

Swell direction: S - W

Best wind: NE

Best tide: mid to high

Best season: all year

Frequency: very consistent

Skill level: Advanced/intermediate

Entry/exit: channel on the right side of the break

Danger: Be careful going in and out of the ocean because there is a very powerful shorebreak. There are many sea urchins on the reef so avoid surfing when the tide is low.


Check surf pictures of Kedungu at #kedungusurf.

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