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Honeymoon (Jump Offs)

Honeymoon, also known as Jump Offs, is a surf spot located in Jimbaran. The easiest way to get to the line up is by jumping of a big rock directly in the impact zone. Be careful and take your time to jump. Not recommended to jump at low tide since it can get really shallow. You can also paddle out from the beach if you don't feel comfortable with heights. The waves can be quite long with a very steep take off right next to the rocks. Strong currents keep pulling you away from the take off zone which makes the take off even harder.  If you can handle the take off the wave has a  mushy section until it reaches the inside where are reform creates a nice wall. This surf spot requires a very big swell to work properly.

Check surf pictures of Honeymoon (Jump Offs) at #jimbaransurfing.

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