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Nomad Surfers Terms & Conditions

Book with Confidence 


We know how important it is for you to have flexibility. Our “Book with Confidence Guarantee” gives you the option to change your booking date.


1. If your holiday is unable to proceed due to government advice, restricted entry in your destination and/or flight cancellation due to any Covid related issue you can make a “date change” or “cancel your booking and exchange for a voucher”, which enables the flexibility to change your booking dates, please contact our reservation department.


2. Date changes must be made, or cancellation (in exchange for a voucher) must be requested at least three weeks prior to travel. Less than three weeks’ notice will be accepted if new government rules are introduced within this time that prevent your trip or require you to quarantine in a designated hotel on your return.


3. Any voucher issued must be used for bookings with travel in the following 12 months from date of cancelation.


4. The voucher for this deposit is to be used for the same accommodation and for the same total amount or higher. If there is a difference in price from the original booking, any increase is payable by you at the time of re-booking.

5.If the new total is less due to less people or less nights, you will be able to use the proportionate part of the initial deposit.  The remaining amount will be included in your remaining voucher.


6. The voucher provided is valid for use towards a new Nomad Surfers Holidays booking at same Accommodation (a minimum of 7 days’ notice is required). 


7. Vouchers are non-refundable and non-transferable. 


8. These points apply to the reservation deposit to Nomad Surfers.


9.The reservation paid to Nomad Surfers is non refundable under any circumstance.


10.By making a reservation through Nomad Surfers for an accommodation provider, you accept and agree to their relevant payment terms for the outstanding balance, cancellation and no-show policy of that particular accommodation provider.


11.The participants yield the image rights of the pictures/videos taken while attending the camps, independently anywhere in the world, and expressly authorises Nomad Surfers to its diffusion and reproduction.


12.Payment is made by credit cards through Stripe will be charged in the local currency equivalent based on the daily exchange rate. Currency conversions by Stripe, banks or credit card companies in processing payments are not within the control of Nomad Surfers and are subject to exchange rate fluctuation.




Terms and Conditions exclusive to Junior Nomad Surf Camps for Teenagers organised by Nomad Surfers



Our staff will supervise the teens during extra activities, at the surf school area and surf camp area. As soon as the teens leave the accommodation or the area of the activities without permission, it is no longer our responsibility.



At some point in all excursions, children are given “free time” for shopping for souvenirs, having a snack, etc., in a designated area. During this time, not all children are with the staff. The following explains our supervision policy on excursions:


Always be in groups of a minimum of three children.

All children will be given emergency phone numbers.

Meeting points and times will be established and shown to the children.

The maximum amount of time between meetings will be 90 minutes.


If you prefer that he/she be accompanied by a monitor at all times during excursions, please indicate this preference in writing to us before the start of the Camp. If we do not receive your written instructions to the contrary, we will assume you agree with the above supervision policy.


Smoking and drinking alcohol

Your children are not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol at any time. This policy is reiterated very clearly to all teens on the first evening of camp. This policy applies to all children at camp, whether or not they are allowed to smoke or drink at home, and whether or not they are legally old enough to smoke or drink in the country of the camp. Should your child smoke or drink alcohol at camp, the camp monitor will contact you immediately to discuss what action he or she feels is appropriate in the specific circumstances.


The Camp monitor may feel that a strong warning is more appropriate, on the understanding that a second violation of the rule will result in your child being sent home, at your expense, and there will be no refund. In this case, the camp monitor will look for your support and ask that you explain the situation very clearly to your child by telephone in order that there is no misunderstanding. It is very important that you discuss this policy with your child before he or she travels to camp, in order that he/she fully understands the implications of smoking or drinking alcohol at camp.


Possession or use of illegal drugs

Should your child possess or use any drugs at the Camp, other than those prescribed for medical reasons, he/she will be sent home immediately at your expense, and no refund. We reserve the right to also notify the police given the seriousness of this matter.


Damage to property

It is important that children treat the property of the Camp and its suppliers with the greatest of care and respect. Any damages resulting from negligence, even if accidental, will be invoiced to the parents or guardians, who, as part of the booking conditions, agree to this stipulation. Where individual guilt cannot be accurately assessed, damages will be shared amongst those involved and families invoiced accordingly. If they lose the room key, they have to pay 10 € for a new one.


In case of vandalism, bad behaviour (not respect rules/ not respect other kids or teachers, etc.) the kids will be expelled from the camp next day without the refund for the rest of stay/ and pay the cost of broken property.



All surf schools have accident insurance required by law in all countries. If anyone gets hurt while surfing they will be taken to hospital and will be treated. This is not a travel insurance so we do recommend travel insurance if travelling to another country. 


Making a booking with us will automatically add your email address to our subscribers list to receive further promotions.

Praia de Santa Cruz Adventure and Surf Teens Camp Terms & Conditions

1. Bookings
a. All bookings are made with Village Camps S.A. (VC), a Swiss company registered in the Canton de Vaud in 1972.
b. No contract exists until VC has received the required deposit or the full payment for the holiday if after May 1st

c. A deposit must be received within 48 hours of booking in order for the booking to be considered valid, pending an official confirmation from our office.
d. The person signing the application form warrants to VC that he or she has the authority of each child booked (parent or legal guardian).
e. This contract is subject to Swiss laws and jurisdiction in the Canton de Vaud.
f. No additions, deletions, changes or promises may be made relating to these conditions except in writing by an officer or director of VC.
2. Payment, cancellation and refund policy
A non-refundable deposit must be paid upon 48 hours of booking. Subsequently, full payment for the holidays contracted including extra services must be received by May
1st. Any booking made after May 1st must be paid in full upon booking.
2.1 Cancellation service
For a supplement, clients may subscribe to the VC cancellation service, which offers the complete reimbursement of all fees in the event of cancellation up to 30 days before
the start of camp for any reason whatsoever except for the mentioned events under condition 3. Available until February 29th.
The following conditions apply:
a. The cancellation service must be requested on the application form – it cannot be added at a later date.
b. All booking conditions must have been met (see condition 1).
c. The cost of the cancellation service itself and/or any Geneva/Paris special escort fees will not be refunded.
d. VC must be notified of cancellation in writing (mail or e-mail) at least 30 days before the camp begins. Unless a medical certificate deemed valid by a VC officer or director
is given, in the 30 days preceding camp, no reimbursement will be made.
e. No refund will be made for any reason once a programme has started.
For cancellations made without the service VC will retain the following sums:
a. Up to 30 days before the camp begins – CHF 1000 / EUR 800 / GBP 700 / CAD 1000.
b. 30 days and less before the camp begins – 100% of the final invoice.
c. No refund will be made for any reason once a programme has started.
3. Events beyond Village Camps’ control – Adverse weather conditions
a. No reimbursements are made for late arrivals or early departures regardless of the reasons. This also applies in case of natural disasters, conflicts or any other event that
may force VC to cancel their programmes.
b. If, in VC opinion, conditions are hazardous due to adverse weather, activities may be curtailed or cancelled. If published activities are cancelled for any reason, VC will do
everything possible to find alternative activities for its clients.
4. Modification or cancellation of programmes
VC reserves the right to cancel or modify any programme or programmes listed in its brochure because of an insufficient number of participants or for any other reason
beyond its control. If this rare event occurs, VC will offer clients their choice of an alternative camp programme or full refund of any monies paid.
5. Liability
VC is pleased to accept full responsibility for the arranging of the suggested programme but not for any service established by other companies. Accordingly, VC wishes to
make it quite clear that it will not, under any circumstances, be responsible for any additional expense, distress, disappointment, loss, damage, injury, accident, delay,
inconvenience or irregularity resulting from or attributable to the act or default of any company, firm or persons in connection with the carrying out of such arrangements
or bookings or the convenience of any clients, unless caused by either the proven negligence of, or a proven lack of diligence of VC. Every booking is accepted subject to the
conditions imposed by these outside companies or agencies and any claim with respect to such matters must be made against the appropriate principal.
6. Parents’ responsibilities
Parents or guardians accept full financial responsibility for the following reasons, for anyone they register in VC:
a. Damage caused, whether wilful or not to facilities, equipment, clothing or anything else belonging to or leased by VC.
b. Repatriation expenses for any person having to be sent home or to a designated place, due to illness, accident, misbehavior or any other reason deemed valid by VC.
c. Any pocket money or any purchase of a personal nature made on behalf of the child for anything not expressly included in the camp package.
d. Rental or purchase of any equipment deemed essential for a child to enjoy his/her holiday due to their own equipment being unfit, unsafe or missing.
7. Children’s behaviour
VC reserves the right, during their holiday to send any child home or to his/her parents, if in the opinion of VC the child is incompatible with the general well-being of the
camp through his/her negligence of said rules and regulations. In this case, all travel costs will be the responsibility of the parents or guardian and no refund of camp fees
would be considered.
8. Third party public liability insurance
VC maintains a third party liability insurance, this policy provides an indemnity in respect of legal liability to pay compensation for accidental injury to third parties or acciden-t
al loss of or damage to their property. The policy is for CHF 10’000’000 per incident (except for Canada).
9. Medical release
By their signature on the application form, parents or legal guardian authorise VC to take whatever action deemed necessary to secure medical treatment for the child at the
parents’ or legal guardian’s expense.
10. Promotional materials
VC reserves the right to take photographs or video during the camp sessions to be used for promotional purposes including, but not limited to: daily photo galleries, website,
programme brochures, advertisements and for use by VC agents to promote the programmes internationally. Except in cases of testimonials used on our website, social
media or in brochures, campers names are not typically used in connection with the media.
11. Privacy Policy and Data Protection
Village Camps follows the GDPR rules to protect your privacy: we do not collect more information than is necessary; use for purposes other than those specified; keep your
data if it is no longer needed; spread/sell your data to third parties. We collect data on the basis of “legitimate interest” only.
Village Camps websites are secure, encrypted, and professionally managed. Necessary measures are taken to protect personal data against theft or compromise.
Please refer to the website to read our full Privacy Policy.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is highly recommended to attend any of our camps or surf charters. You can use any travel insurance you wish although we recommend you to buy it with World Nomads Travel Insurance. This Travel Insurance Agency is also partnered with Lonely Planet, so it is cheap and reliable! You can very easily purchase it online by just clicking on the folowing link:


>> World Nomads Travel Insurance


Cancelation Insurance: This benefit provides compensation for the amount that the insured has paid for their trip in case of cancelation due to accident, illness, or death of a family member (up to the policy limit). The insurance covers your airplane tickets and the accommodation booked. Please refer to the link above for more information.

Payment Information

For this particular accommodation you are going to pay a 20% deposit to make your reservation.

Please note the original prices of this accommodation are based in EURO.

The prices you are going to see at the next step are automatically converted to our payment gateway (Australian Dollars - AUD -) based on the exchange rate with today date -Tuesday 21st of March 2023-

Current exchange rate is 1 AUD = 1.600496397581 €

After you complete the booking process you will receive an email from us detailing how to pay the rest of the booking to the accommodation.

Please agree Nomad Surfers and accommodation terms and conditions, insurance and payment details.