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Nomad Surfers Terms & Conditions

In consideration to the Covid 19, we would like to inform you that all bookings may be postponed for 12 months if necessary. You will not lose your deposit. But we hope things go back to normal in just few weeks.


We also continue to get bookings for summer 2020 and we encourage you to do so in order to guarantee your place. We work on the basis of first come first serve. The good news is that if there is still travel restrictions or health recommendations you will not lose your deposit, and you will be able to postpone for another 12 months.


By making a reservation with an accommodation provider, you accept and agree to the relevant payment, cancellation and no-show policy of that accommodation provider, and to any additional (delivery) terms and conditions of the accommodation provider that may apply to your reservation or during your stay. The initial reservation deposit paid to Nomadsurfers is non refundable under any circumstance.


If you wish to cancel or change your reservation, please contact the accommodation (details in the booking confirmation email). Please note that besides the initial deposit, you may be charged for your cancellation under the accommodation cancellation policy.


We recommend that you carefully read the cancellation, pre-payment and no-show policy of the accommodation provider before making your reservation or make further payments that may be required.


The participants yield the image rights of the pictures/videos taken while attending the camps, independently anywhere in the world, and expressly authorises Nomad Surfers to its diffusion and reproduction.


Please note that the Ranking is created through a fully automated ranking system (algorithm) and is based on multiple criteria. The guests after they have travelled may leave their review on our website to inform other customers of your opinion on the service and quality of accommodation. Nomadsurfers reserves the right to adjust or remove reviews at our sole discretion.


Making a booking with us will automatically add your email address to our subscribers list to receive further promotions.

Zarautz Beachside Surf Glamping Terms & Conditions

This document sets out the obligations that Stoke Travel (“Stoke,” “the Company,” “us” or “we”) owes to you (“customer,” “client,”, “you” or “consumer”), and the obligations you owe to Stoke Travel, when a contract is formed between you and Stoke.  Please read this document thoroughly to understand your rights and obligations.  If the client is booking on behalf of a group, it is the responsibility of the client who books online and accepts the terms and conditions to make sure all other persons in the group have read the Terms and Conditions and have agreed to its contents.  The Contract between you and Stoke, described below, is made subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

“Stoke Travel” is the trading name of Keriomet S.L (company number [ES]B-66925934).

Stoke Travel’s business address is:
Via Laietana 71, Principal 1
Barcelona 08003, Spain.

“Client,” “consumer,” “customer” or “you” pertains to all persons named on the booking form, or intending to travel with Stoke Travel.
A “product” or “trip” is any service sold and offered by Stoke Travel. All clients will be deemed to have read, understood, and accept all booking conditions upon registering for a Stoke Travel product.
“Product price” is the full cost of trip booked including the deposit
“Product date” is the first day you will participate in a product as outlined in your booking
“Provisional Booking” A Stoke Travel Provisional Booking means that a payment balance is outstanding. The booking is treated in the same manner as a Confirmed booking and all cancellation terms and conditions still apply.
Prices are per person and charged in Euros(€). All non-Euro prices are estimations only based on the current exchange rate at time of publishing. Spaces are subject to availability at the time of booking.

You are required to pay a deposit per person at the time of booking. You agree to pay for all of the services you will receive.  As a Stoke Travel customer, you agree to provide Stoke Travel with complete and accurate billing information including legal name, mailing address, telephone number(s) and email addresses, at the time your account is created and to update this information within 15 days of any change. Providing false billing information shall be cause for immediate termination of your reservation.
Special requirements (e.g. dietary or medical requirements) must be identified at time of booking, and again at check-in. When you book a product with Stoke Travel for other people, you accept these terms and conditions for yourself and for the people for whom you book the product.  It is your responsibility to inform the other clients and make sure they have read, understood, and agree to these terms.  If you will not use the product that you book, you must provide Stoke with the contact details of the people who will use the Stoke product.

Your booking is accepted by the company and becomes effective from the date the company confirms your booking or issues a confirmation invoice.  On that date, the contract is formed between you and Stoke Travel.  Stoke will confirm your booking only after you pay the deposit.

Customers under the age of eighteen (18) participating in a Stoke product must have permission from a parent or guardian. Any customers under the age of eighteen 18 must be accompanied by a person over the age of eighteen 18.
The legal age to consume alcohol at most destinations is eighteen (18), in some cases the legal age will be enforced as twenty-one (21). No customer under the legal age is permitted to consume alcohol at a Stoke event and all promotions that include free unlimited beer and sangria will be deemed void.
Stoke Travel reserves the right to refuse any customer under the age of eighteen (18) from participating in any Stoke product.

If you wish to change or amend your booking, Stoke will make every effort to assist you but cannot guarantee to be able to accommodate your desired amendment. Stoke reserves the right to impose a charge for any booking changes. The amendment charge is non-refundable, and in no case will it cost more than 3% of the product price.
If you wish to cancel the trip, you must inform Stoke as soon as possible. All cancellation requests must be given in writing to [email protected] Cancellations will be effective as of the date received.
If you cancel 31 or more days from the product date, you will be fully refunded less 10% of the product price (minimum of 15€) as an administration fee*.
If you cancel between 3 and 31 days from the product date, you will be fully refunded less 50% of the product price.
If you cancel within 72 hours (3 days) from the product date, you will receive no refund.
*All boat parties are entirely non-refundable from the day of booking confirmation.*
*All Barcelona City Break bookings are entirely non-refundable from the day of booking confirmation.*
*Stoke Passports are entirely non-refundable and non-transferable*
*Add-ons purchased from 3rd party suppliers on Customer’s behalf are entirely non-refundable*
*Any tours involving transport (bus, ferry, flight or train) are entirely non refundable.*
*Any tours that involve the procurement by stoke of event tickets, such as music festivals, are entirely non refundable.*

Stoke Travel arranges trips and activities months in advance.  Occasionally Stoke has to make changes, and we reserve the right to do this. Stoke Travel reserves the right to alter schedules, itineraries, and amenities without refunds during the period of service due to unforeseeable and unpredictable circumstances, including force majeure situations. These changes are usually insignificant and will not negatively affect the trip.  Stoke will inform you of any changes as soon as possible.
In rare circumstances, Stoke Travel may have to cancel the whole or part of the product.  In these situations, Stoke will make its best effort to offer alternative arrangements of a comparable standard. If no satisfactory alternative arrangements can be found, you will have the option of receiving another Stoke product of equal value, a Stoke product of lesser value with a refund comprising the difference between product prices, or a full refund, including a refund of your booking deposit. The location of the Stoke Travel campsites are subject to change if an email of notice is sent to customers prior to arrival date.
The balance of your trip with Stoke Travel must be paid by no later than 14 days prior to the scheduled start date of your trip. This date will be stated on the confirmation issued to you/your agent by Stoke Travel. If payment isn’t made by the due date, Stoke Travel may assume that you have cancelled and cancellation charges in accordance with our terms and conditions above will be levied by Stoke Travel.
Stoke Travel reserves the right to cancel the booking and apply cancellation charges should payments not be received within the above specified periods.

The Stoke Travel Passport is entirely non-refundable and non-transferable.
Fees and surcharges apply for some products offered within the Stoke Travel Passport, for more information and inclusions, see the Stoke Travel Passport Page.
The Unlimited Beer and Sangria option is not included in the Stoke Travel Passport unless booked under certain promotional circumstances.
Bookings, Changes, and Cancellations can be made up to 7 days in advance of the booking start date by emailing [email protected] or calling the office on +34 931067942 *
*This excludes some trips including Bilbao BBK Live, Andorra Snow Weekender, Barcelona City Break, Ibiza Spring Break and Sziget Festivals or bookings where add-ons have been purchased such as transport, due to the advanced nature of these bookings. These will be subject to Stoke Travel’s normal Change / Cancellation terms and conditions.

Stoke Travel handles all refunds on a case-by-case basis.
Except for injury or death, circumstances described in the “Force Majeure” clause, and subject to the responsibilities of the customer described below, if Stoke does not provide a product that reasonably complies with the description given, Stoke accepts liability as outlined below under “Stoke Travel’s Liability,” and will provide compensation accordingly.
Stoke will NOT provide refunds for any loss or limitation caused by bad weather, surfing conditions, customer error or negligence, or other force majeure conditions.


Promotional codes must be entered at the time of booking. If any technical difficulties are encountered, email [email protected] immediately to have the promo code added. If a Promotional code is not added at the time of booking, it cannot be added at a later date.

At destination customers should contact a Stoke representative immediately for assistance to remedy any problem without delay. If a problem cannot be solved, please forward the specifics of the incident in writing to Stoke within fourteen[14] days after leaving the product. Failing to do so will preclude a customer from pursuing a claim.

Certain circumstances, called “force majeure” conditions, are unusual circumstances, outside the control of Stoke Travel which cannot be avoided even if Stoke acts with all due care.  Stoke Travel is not liable for any loss, damage or expense or any limitation or withdrawal of facilities or services caused by these force majeure conditions including war, terrorist attack, civil unrest, industrial action, weather, flood, fire, drought, closures, unforeseen alterations of public transport schedules, rescheduling of buses, boats or planes, epidemics, acts of God or any other event outside the control of the company which either delays, extends or reduces the trip or changes the trip after departure.

Stoke Travel is an adventure travel company, and Stoke’s products contain an inherent element of risk that presents certain dangers, risks and physical challenges greater than those present in our everyday lives.  By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge the risks that are involved with Stoke Travel products and accept them. Clients engage in all activities at their own risk.
Stoke products often involve alcoholic beverages, which Stoke provides to the customer. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you recognize that Stoke simply provides alcohol and you are responsible for the amount of alcohol that you choose to consume. Stoke strongly encourages you to drink responsibly. You recognize that the amount of alcohol you consume is solely your choice and Stoke is not liable for any injury or loss where your alcohol consumption is a contributing factor.
Failure to obey staff instructions, fighting, abuse of alcohol (regardless of age), damage of property or reckless behavior and/or use of illegal drugs may result in dismissal from the product. The customer and parent or guardian are responsible for immediately paying all costs resulting from a customer’s dismissal from the product.
All customers are expected to behave in an orderly and acceptable manner. You will not be able to continue with the company if you are incapable of caring for yourself, if you become objectionable to other customers, or if you become a danger to yourself or others.  In such circumstances, you will be removed from the product. Stoke will not be responsible for booking alternative transportation for you, nor will you receive any refunds.
It is your responsibility to inform Stoke Travel of any medical condition or disability and any other special arrangements required by the client at the time of booking.  You must remind Stoke Travel of any special requirements at the time of check-in.
It is your responsibility to be on time and not to miss transportation (such as airplanes, trains or buses, whether or not they are provided by Stoke Travel) to product event sites. Stoke Travel accepts no liability if the client cannot enjoy the full Stoke product because the client was late and missed his or her transportation. In addition, Stoke Travel accepts no liability for missed connections or lost bookings if there is a delay leaving a Stoke product.
A client and his/her personal belongings are the client’s sole responsibility.
There will be no credit or refunds for services not used, or any lost, misplaced or destroyed travel documents.
You agree that Stoke may use your statements or photographic/video likeness in future brochures, advertising and other publicity material.  If you do not want Stoke to continue to use your comments or likeness, please contact us and we will do our best to remove the content.
You are responsible to pay in full for any damage to Stoke facilities, personnel or subcontractors that you cause. The amount will be measured as replacement value for item damaged.
All teepee bookings require a 100€ deposit (pre teepee) which is taken in cash ONLY. This will be refunded in cash on departure when you have not broken, shat in or damaged your teepee during your stay.

You are strongly encouraged to purchase comprehensive travel insurance that specifically covers surfing and other non-motorized extreme sports, in addition to insurance that covers cancellation, medical and repatriation expenses, personal injury and accident, death, and loss of personal baggage and money, as well as personal liability insurance.

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure proper and valid documentation. Stoke requires that every customer have a valid form of government issued photo ID. Most destinations require a valid passport for travel and in certain cases a visa or affidavit may be required. Please verify with the consulate or embassy of the country of travel to ensure that you have all necessary travel documents. Please note that entry to another country may be refused even if the required information and travel documents are complete. Stoke will neither reimburse nor assume responsibility for any customer denied boarding or refused passage or entrance to any destination for any reason.
All customers who have not paid the full product price prior to the product date are required to have a valid passport that will be held in trust by Stoke Travel until such time as the full payment is made.

Stoke Travel is obligated to provide a product that conforms to the product’s description. The descriptions, information and opinions given in the brochures and other publications are given in good faith.
Stoke’s ability to book accommodations sometimes depends on third parties and availability.  Therefore, it is not always possible to provide accommodations that are exactly identical to the pictures provided in brochures or publications.  In these situations, Stoke will provide equivalent accommodation.
Stoke accepts liability if the product or trip does not conform to the description given by Stoke Travel.  The customer will be compensated for the difference between the value of the product the customer paid for and the value of the product the customer received.  The amount of compensation shall be a reasonable amount and shall be determined by Stoke on a case-by-case basis.  Any amounts you receive from other parties will be deducted from any sum you receive from Stoke Travel as compensation.
Stoke disclaims all liability when Stoke provides a product that conforms to the description given.
Stoke’s liability to the client shall cease in any of the following situations:  (a) when the defects in the performance of the contract are attributable to the client; (b) when such defects are attributable to a third party who is not a party to the contract; (c) the defects are due to force majeure situations, or (d) the defects are due to any other circumstance that Stoke could not predict or avoid, even if Stoke used all due care. In the above situations (except for clause (a)), Stoke nevertheless has the obligation to provide assistance to the client.
Customers should be aware that there may be different rules of law and/or living standards and conditions outside their home country and should conduct themselves accordingly. Stoke shall not be responsible for any damage, loss, injury or inconvenience resulting from different rules of law and/or living standards.
Stoke Travel provides guides for some of its products. These guides, although experienced in the advertised adventure, are not always licensed instructors in their field. By accepting the terms and conditions, you accept and understand that although you and the members in the group may receive tips from these guides, that you are not receiving qualified instruction. Clients engage in all activities at their own risk.
In the occurrence of transport delays or customers missing transport, Stoke Travel will not cover costs for onward travel missed.
Stoke Travel employees, agents, and representatives have no authority to vary these conditions.

While using a Stoke Travel product, you may have the chance to engage in optional activities and excursions.  Stoke does not own, operate or control any of the companies or individuals that provide optional activities or excursions that are offered to customers during the trip.
Any activity not specifically identified as included in the purchase price is an optional activity or excursion.  These activities may be inherently risky. If you choose to book these optional activities, you must be fit enough to engage in them. Booking an optional activity will be subject to the operator’s terms and conditions and under local law. These activities are conducted under the standards of health and safety of the countries where the activities take place, but these standards may not be equivalent to EU or US standards.  This is an inherent risk of travel, and you acknowledge this fact. Stoke Travel accepts no liability for any act or omission of any of these operators, and any claim you may have in relation to these optional activities and excursions will be against the local operation, and not Stoke Travel.

Stoke accepts no liability for any loss or damage sustained by client as a result of the contravention of law of the country or countries where the loss or damage took place.

Stoke Travel will not be held responsible for any theft or loss of personal possessions from our premises or vehicles. While Stoke Travel will strive to ensure the security of guests’ personal possessions, Stoke Travel cannot guarantee it. It is the responsibility of the client to be in possession of, and be responsible for money, valid passports, visa permits, vaccinations and preventative medicines, and any other necessary travel documents and other property. We encourage you to purchase travel insurance to cover any loss.

Any disputes arising from this contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Spanish law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Kingdom of Spain.  The customer and Stoke must attempt to settle any and all disputes through negotiation before bringing any matter to court.
The Terms & Conditions constitute the entire legally binding agreement between Stoke and the customer and/or the legal parent or guardian and supersede all prior or contemporaneous communications whether electronic, oral or written.  The invalidity of any provision contained herein does not affect the validity of any other provision listed.

Discounts will be applied through verification technology and associated promo code. The unlimited beer and sangria option will be automatically added to your booking with the promo code and only applies to some trips as per the add-ons available (excluding Morocco, Sziget, and other selected products).


Stoke being Stoke, we’ve based ourselves in Barcelona where the beaches are hot, the beers are cold, and the currency is Euro.

This means when we take another currency, like the Pound, for payment or deposit, we’ll use that day’s exchange rate to input your payment in Euro. In turn, we’ll kindly request any balances in Euro.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is highly recommended to attend any of our camps or surf charters. You can use any travel insurance you wish although we recommend you to buy it with World Nomads Travel Insurance. This Travel Insurance Agency is also partnered with Lonely Planet, so it is cheap and reliable! You can very easily purchase it online by just clicking on the folowing link:


>> World Nomads Travel Insurance


Cancelation Insurance: This benefit provides compensation for the amount that the insured has paid for their trip in case of cancelation due to accident, illness, or death of a family member (up to the policy limit). The insurance covers your airplane tickets and the accommodation booked. Please refer to the link above for more information.

Payment Information

For this particular accommodation you are going to pay a 25% deposit to make your reservation.

Please note the original prices of this accommodation are based in EURO.

The prices you are going to see at the next step are automatically converted to our payment gateway (Australian Dollars - AUD -) based on the exchange rate with today date -Sunday 5th of July 2020-

Current exchange rate is 1 AUD = 1.61915653492 €

After you complete the booking process you will receive an email from us detailing how to pay the rest of the booking to the accommodation.

Please agree Nomad Surfers and accommodation terms and conditions, insurance and payment details.

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