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Nomad Surfers Terms & Conditions

In consideration to the Covid 19, we would like to inform you that all bookings may be postponed for 12 months if necessary. You will not lose your deposit. But we hope things go back to normal in just few weeks.


We also continue to get bookings for summer 2020 and we encourage you to do so in order to guarantee your place. We work on the basis of first come first serve. The good news is that if there is still travel restrictions or health recommendations you will not lose your deposit, and you will be able to postpone for another 12 months.


By making a reservation with an accommodation provider, you accept and agree to the relevant payment, cancellation and no-show policy of that accommodation provider, and to any additional (delivery) terms and conditions of the accommodation provider that may apply to your reservation or during your stay. The initial reservation deposit paid to Nomadsurfers is non refundable under any circumstance.


If you wish to cancel or change your reservation, please contact the accommodation (details in the booking confirmation email). Please note that besides the initial deposit, you may be charged for your cancellation under the accommodation cancellation policy.


We recommend that you carefully read the cancellation, pre-payment and no-show policy of the accommodation provider before making your reservation or make further payments that may be required.


The participants yield the image rights of the pictures/videos taken while attending the camps, independently anywhere in the world, and expressly authorises Nomad Surfers to its diffusion and reproduction.


Please note that the Ranking is created through a fully automated ranking system (algorithm) and is based on multiple criteria. The guests after they have travelled may leave their review on our website to inform other customers of your opinion on the service and quality of accommodation. Nomadsurfers reserves the right to adjust or remove reviews at our sole discretion.


Making a booking with us will automatically add your email address to our subscribers list to receive further promotions.

Westport Teens Adventures, Language & Surf Camp Terms & Conditions

1. Confirmation

Your holiday will be confirmed after we receive your booking form and the appropriate deposit. Please note that payment of the deposit is regarded as your acceptance of the booking conditions and is non-refundable, other than through our Customer Protection Plan.


2. Cancellation

If you wish to cancel the booking you must notify us immediately in writing. Until written confirmation is received we will continue to hold your reservation. All cancellations will be acknowledged.


Cancellations incur the following charges:

  • More than 56 days before camp starts: loss of deposit only.
  • 56-29 days: 30% of the outstanding balance price.
  • 28-15 days: 45% of the outstanding balance price.
  • 14-1 day: 100% of the total holiday price.
  • On or after the holiday starts: 100% of the total holiday price.


Cancellations may be reclaimed from our Customer Protection Plan when the reason for cancellation falls within its terms; if cancellation is due to illness, the appropriate refund may be given subject to a doctor’s certificate being supplied. Please carefully read our holiday insurance certificate which will be forwarded with details of your insurance cover. Travel costs are forfeited unless written cancellation is received more than 56 days prior to holiday commencement. Your holiday insurance may cover the cost of cancellation.


3. Customer Protection Plan

Our Customer Protection Plan is designed to give you maximum reassurance and peace of mind with its comprehensive range of protection. It covers all sports and activities at camp and provides:

  • Money back guarantee. If your child does not settle at camp within the first two nights, despite the best endeavours of parents and the camp director, we will offer a pro-rata refund.
  • All cancellation charges up to the full cost of the holiday
  • Complete cover for all activities organised by us
  • Personal accident up to £5000
  • Medical expenses up to £2000
  • Travel delay up to the full cost of the holiday
  • Curtailment of activities up to £200


Our experience has shown that standard policies do not cover all of our activities, e.g. motorsports. Any client who does not take out our Customer Protection Plan should check the terms and conditions of their proposed policy very carefully as you may be required to complete an Insurance Indemnity Form. Some special offers are discounted on the understanding that you will be taking up our Customer Protection Plan. Please check if this is appropriate in your case. Irish Residents €35 per person per week. Overseas residents €50 per person per week.


4. Booking

Responsibility for the details of bookings and for payments lies with the person making the initial booking.


5. Payment

All accounts must be fully paid before we can accept a child at camp. All balance payments are due by May 30th, unless otherwise stated. All bookings made after 1st June must be paid for in full.


6. Travel

Alterations or additions may be made to your booking and travel arrangements by email the Camp. All amendments to Escorted Travel Bookings must be followed up in writing. We cannot accept changes or additions to travel plans ten days or less prior to a holiday. Cancellation of any transport requested within this time cannot be transferred or refunded. (Our Travel Managers need this period of grace to finalise transport).


7. Personal Property

All your child’s personal property is your own responsibility, unless loss or damage is proven to be due to Camps’ negligence. If anything is missing when your son or daughter leaves Camp please let the Camp Director know about it immediately as there may still be time to find it before Camp closes down at the end of the season. Expensive and treasured items such as jewellery, CD players, mobile phones, designer clothes / shoes / trainers, etc., should not be brought to camp as they are often unnecessary and inappropriate on an adventure activity holiday.


8. Swimming Ability

All children on a holiday involving any activity on water must be able to swim 25 metres.


9. Off-site Activities

A number of our holidays include excursions and off-site activities such as horse riding at local stables. All our usual standards of care and supervision apply. All children may participate in off-site events unless we specifically receive written notification to the contrary from parents or guardians.


10. Incompatibility

We reserve the right to exclude or refuse any person at any time, prior to and during a holiday if, in our opinion, that person is incompatible with the general well-being of the camp. Any additional costs incurred by Summer Camps, including transportation home, will be at the parents’ expense, and no refund of the holiday cost will be made.


11. Programme Changes

The timetables for certain activities are subject to alteration in the event of wet weather conditions or other factors which are beyond our control. In the event that pre-paid sessions are cancelled due to safety reasons or factors beyond our control, we will refund any supplement payments. We reserve the right to cancel a booking due to low numbers. We will offer an alternative or refund any supplements paid.


12. Travel Changes

Holiday and travel arrangements are occasionally subject to change. Should this be necessary for any reason, Camp will inform you at the earliest opportunity (in writing, if time permits).


13. Negligence

We accept responsibility for personal injury and for loss and damage generally, but only if caused by the proven negligence of the company or its employees. We do not accept responsibility for events which are outside of our direct control. These include (but not exclusively) force majeure events such as strikes, bad weather, war, etc. and injury, loss or damage that may occur while we are using third parties or sub-contractors such as transportation companies. We act as an agent for transportation companies, from whom detailed conditions of carriage are available.


14. Compensation

In the unlikely event that a child experiences a problem or difficulty while at camp, the matter should be reported immediately to:

1. The Camp Director who has the authority and direct knowledge to deal with most queries.

2. If he or she fails to resolve the difficulty to your satisfaction, then write to us at our Head Office within a reasonable time of your child leaving camp. We will only compensate complaints if both these conditions are met.



Please inform the camp if you do not want your child’s photograph taken. It may be used in future brochures.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is highly recommended to attend any of our camps or surf charters. You can use any travel insurance you wish although we recommend you to buy it with World Nomads Travel Insurance. This Travel Insurance Agency is also partnered with Lonely Planet, so it is cheap and reliable! You can very easily purchase it online by just clicking on the folowing link:


>> World Nomads Travel Insurance


Cancelation Insurance: This benefit provides compensation for the amount that the insured has paid for their trip in case of cancelation due to accident, illness, or death of a family member (up to the policy limit). The insurance covers your airplane tickets and the accommodation booked. Please refer to the link above for more information.

Payment Information

For this particular accommodation you are going to pay a 20% deposit to make your reservation.

Please note the original prices of this accommodation are based in EURO.

The prices you are going to see at the next step are automatically converted to our payment gateway (Australian Dollars - AUD -) based on the exchange rate with today date -Monday 28th of September 2020-

Current exchange rate is 1 AUD = 1.65153792717 €

After you complete the booking process you will receive an email from us detailing how to pay the rest of the booking to the accommodation.

Please agree Nomad Surfers and accommodation terms and conditions, insurance and payment details.

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