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The Hawaiian Islands have long been considered the epicenter of surfing and Oahu’s North Shore the ultimate surfing experience. Each winter, large swells from the North Pacific make their journey to this surfing capital of the world and break unencumbered on some of the most popular breaks that line the coast. The result is a consistent an spectacular display of some of the best waves in the world. Home to the Banzai Pipeline, Sunset Beach, Backdoor, and Waimea Bay, this 7 mile stretch of beach attracts the best surfers from all over the planet and hosts several of the biggest surfing competitions, the most famous being the Pipeline Masters.


The surf camp is located in a stylish beach front home on Oahu’s North Shore, several minutes from downtown Haleiwa.  Run by Edison who’s been surfing on the North Shore for over 20 years, he’ll make sure you have an authentic Hawaiian experience. In addition to surf instruction, there is yoga and other outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain bike riding.


Mokuleia Beach Surfhouse


The surf camp for the winter months is situated just minutes from Haleiwa on beautiful Mokuleia Beach and is run by Edison, a former lifeguard who’s been surfing the North Shore for more than 20 years. He started this camp to bring the Aloha spirit and the joy of surfing to others and his experience and expertise go a long way toward making sure you have an amazing adventure in Hawaii.


The accommodation consists of a very comfortable beach house where the atmosphere is relaxed and the vibe is all about surfing and having fun. The lanai is a great place to chill out after a long day in the surf and take in the sights of a passing whale.


With a diverse range of surf breaks on the North Shore, the camp is open to all levels of ability. Whether you’re a first timer looking to ease into smaller surf or if you’re advanced and crave a bit more juice, you can always find exactly what you’re looking for. Beginning surfers will be taught the basic steps to catching waves while more experienced surfers will be given advanced techniques to take their surfing to the next level. With an expert staff of certified lifeguards, Edison puts safety first and will always make sure that you surf in waves that match your ability level.  And when you’re ready to eat, enjoy the home cooked, healthy organic meals.


Haleiwa Homestay Surfhouse


Untille early December and from February on, Edison and his wife Juliana run a smaller surf camp in their house in Haleiwa. The house is very comfortable and clean and is within 5 minutes walking to the beach and restaurants in downtown Haleiwa.  Each day guests will receive three hours of surf instruction. Plus they will visit some of the famous breaks of the North Shore such as Pipeline, Sunset, and Waimea Bay.


Other Activities


While you’ve come to Hawaii to surf, there’s no shortage of other activities. As part of your adventure on the North Shore you’ll also have access to hiking, mountain bike riding, and yoga classes. Jump on a bike and discover some amazing trails or go on a hike and take in some of the incredible sights that the Hawaiian landscape has to offer. The yoga classes are especially tailored for surfers, designed to help you bring your body and mind into balance. Other activities such as whale watching, stand up paddling lessons, horseback riding, turtle excursions, and island tours are available upon request.  


The primetime for Oahu’s North Shore starts in October and runs thru March. During this time the surf on the North Shore is nothing short of spectacular. As deep water swells encounter the shallow lava reefs along this famous stretch of coastline, you become witness to an amazing demonstration of beauty and power.


All the Hawaiian Islands receive really good waves, but it’s the North Shore of Oahu that has set the standard by which all else is measured. With breaks such as Pipeline, Backdoor, Waimea, and Sunset, this truly amazing setup sits center stage in the surf world, beckoning those who are up for the challenge and encapsulating those who just want to sit back and watch the show. If you happen to catch one of the main events, such as the Pipeline Masters, you’ll feel the raw energy of each pounding wave as you watch this breathtaking spectacle.


While the North Shore gets all the attention during the fall and winter season, the South Shore will come alive during the summer months when south swells begin to make their presence known. With plenty of good breaks that are more forgiving and less crowded, the South Shore has plenty on offer.



  Hawaii Archipelago


The world’s longest island chain, Hawaii is an isolated archipelago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, on the northern edge of the tropical zone between America and Japan. First settled by Polynesians, Hawaii was visited by British captain James Cook in 1778 who named them the Sandwich Islands. Hawaii archipelago is formed by 8 major islands and a series of smaller ones.


Ohau Island


Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, Waikiki and North Shore are names that, each for a different reason, put Oahu on the world map. Spectacular beaches, luxury resorts, tall mountains and lush countryside form the backdrop of this dream island. The third-largest island in Hawaii, Oahu is defined by two mountain ranges that divides the island into three environments: The lush windward (eastern) coast, the drier leeward (western) coast, and the fertile central Ewa Valley. Oahu is also the most populated island, where Honolulu is the capital city, principal port, major airport, business hub, financial centre and educational heart of the State of Hawaii, US’ 50th state.




Tropical. Oahu has two seasons, both of them warm. The dry season that corresponds to summer, and the rainy season that runs from November to March. During these months, Oahu receives huge swells generated by deep low pressures inthe North Pacific that come crashing on the North Shore.

Getting Here

Oahu Island, Hawaii Honolulu International Airport (HNL) All major American airlines and many international carriers.


This Accommodation is no longer available

2.150 USD per person


Package Includes:


Surf and airport transfer 6 Nights accommodation with new Jacuzzy Daily 2 to 3 hours surf lessons, ALL equipments included Tour of Pipeline, Sunset and Waimea Bay Sea Turtle Tour Wireless Internet Access Sunset barbecue