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Known and recognised as the The Wind Capital of Europe with an average of 80% days of wind along the whole year, Tarifa is the paradise and the meeting point of windsurfers, kite surfers and surfers from all over Europe!


The atmosphere is incredible… In good wind conditions, it is not unusual to count over 250 kites in the sea and on the beach! Enjoy the nightlife in town is a ‘must’… between narrow cobble streets of Tarifa, you will find restaurants, surf shops, tapas bars and more.


The Kitesurf houses and the surf hostels are right in the middle of its, within walking distance of the old town’s nightlife and Los Lances Beach, the kite and windsurfing Mecca!


Come to the European kitesurfing capital in the southernmost point of the Old Continent! Whether you are a beginner looking for baptism than advanced kiter looking for new freestyle tricks and maneuvres, we will give you the opportunity to learn from the best local kiters!


Activities only, please contact to check great options.


Kitesurf Lessons

For the lessons what we recommend always is semiprivate lessons, that is 2 students with 1 kite each and 1 instructor for both. This is very good to progress because the student uses the kite all the time.


Of course, both students must have the same level more or less. If you are coming alone and we have no students at your level in our school then you must do privately.


Also, we can offer to you private lessons for 2 hours, 1 instructor and 1 kite per student, with private lessons we use radio helmets connected via Bluetooth, so you can hear and speak with the instructor all the time, this gives a lot of confidence, that means a better progression. 


Normally and minimum we do 2 hours lesson per day, sometimes strong students take 3 hours lessons and also there are students that want more intense and do 2 sessions of 2 hours in a day… we well charge per hour. We don’t book more than 6 hours per student, once the students are here they can buy more hours.

Kite Surf Spots

Los Lances is the most famous spot, a five kilometres long sandy beach extending from the very town centre! At the end of Los Lances is Valdevaqueros, a quieter spot with huge sand dunes. Further up the coast, Bolonia is another superb spot backed by large sand dunes and the Roman ruins of Baleo Claudia, well worth a visit. These spots are also ideal for the practice of windsurfing.



“The Wind Capital of Europe”, Tarifa narrow cobble streets are the meeting point of windsurfers, kite surfers and surfers from across Europe, a melting pot with a unique atmosphere where tradition meets vanguard.


There are many restaurants, surf shops and bars in town, displaying video recordings of the day and other radical sports. The Moskito bar is recommended, where Jorge prepares the best Mojitos and Caipiriñas in town!


A few miles outside town, the Roman ruins of Baleo Claudia in Bolonia, a good kite surf spot as well, are well worth a visit. While in town, hop on one of the fast ferries that cross the strait in about half an hour to Tangier.

Getting Here


The easiest way to get to Tarifa is a low cost flight to Malaga, Jerez or Gibraltar. Once landed our staff will come to pick you up!

By Plane 

Shuttle service go & return from :

  • Malaga or Jerez
  • Gibraltar

By Car

We suggest you rent a car directly at the airport :

  • Malaga Costa del Sol Airport (AGP), 150 km.
  • Sevilla International Airport (SVQ), 215 km.
  • Gibraltar International Airport (GIB), 40 km. (BA, Monarch)

By Bus or ferry

Daily buses from Algeciras, Malaga, Sevilla, Cadiz & Madrid runs every day in high season. Check the main company websites for a quote and schedule:

  • Alsa buses
  • Fast Ferry to Tangier, Morocco (35 min. crossing / 5 departures daily from Tarifa)


Choose your preferred instructor depending on the language in which you want to receive the course -French, Italian, English, German, Spanish or Portuguese-, for the evaluation obtained by their students, for their age, for their experience or for their photography. You are not going wrong! Any of them are incredibly professional and fun. Enjoy Tarifa and kitesurf!




31 years old

Kitesurfer since 2003

Languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese


120 EUR per hour per person



45 years old

Kitesurfer since 2001

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan


80 EUR per hour per person



23 years old

Kitesurfer since 2011

Languages: English, Spanish and Catalan


60 EUR per hour per person

90 EUR per hour per 2 pax

105 EUR per hour per 3 pax

120 EUR per hour per 4 pax



31 years old

Kitesurfer since 2004

Languages: English, Spanish and Polish


60 EUR per hour per person

90 EUR per hour per 2 pax

105 EUR per hour per 3 pax

120 EUR per hour per 4 pax



Languages: English, Spanish, Frech, Arabic and German


60 EUR per hour per person

90 EUR per hour per 2 pax

105 EUR per hour per 3 pax

120 EUR per hour per 4 pax

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