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Spanish School, Yoga & Surf Resort - Montañita, Santa Elena. Ecuador


Ohana Surf and Language Camp Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.

A surf camp,  language and yoga school with hotel accommodations and a full service restaurant and bar. We offer surf, spanish, yoga, and fitness classes for students of all levels.  Every guest is a part of our Montanita family, and we do our absolute best to ensure you have the vacation of a lifetime. Our facility boasts a variety of green areas and beautiful gardens, with palms, flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables. We maintain a hammock and lounge area, a shared kitchen and dining room, and an infinity pool with the most amazing ocean views.


We offer free Wi-Fi for our guests, room service, hammocks on request, and maintain a 24hr concierge. At our reception, guests can sign up for a variety of exciting activities including paragliding, South American cooking class, salsa nights, day trips to secret beaches, weekend surf trips and more. During the evening, we invite you to unwind, lounge and sip delicious Latin cocktails at our onsite Bar.  


Our property is conveniently located on the hillside of Montanita, close to the center of town, just two blocks from the beach. A multitude of restaurants, bars, and grocery stores are just steps away. It has been designed with you in mind and boasts a wide selection of facilities to enhance your time with us.  Our lovely, luxurious and delicately decorated property is designed to meet your every getaway need. Simply relax and just have yourself a great time.


Two blocks from our property, you will find beautiful beach breaks with some of the best surf in the Country.  Ten minutes up the beach lies La Punta, one of the best right hand point breaks in all of Ecuador.  Thirty minutes to the north, you will find an untouched coastline full of world class point breaks, with little to no crowds.  We arrange surf trips for guests, to the best, secret spots in Ecuador.  Some of our favorites include La Rinconada, Ayampe, Olon, San Mateo and Mar Bravo. The water is warm year round, and a wetsuit is never needed.  The best time of the year for waves is from December – May, when the waves break consistently in the 2-3 meter range.


Immerse yourself in style and nature. We maintain a natural, holistic, student-centered learning environment made from eco-friendly, beautiful materials. We believe in sustainable design and responsible living, so we build, live, and play with an awareness of our impact on the environment.  Imagine this, a school without walls, a camp which ignites the senses, a place where innovation, creativity and learning flourish, a community, which has come together from all corners of the globe to share new experiences, a place of joy.


The experience can be life-changing. Opportunities to explore new ways of living, experiencing new ways of learning and establishing global friendships are ready and waiting.



  • You can choose between our private suites or dorm rooms.
  • Air conditioning
  • Private bathroom
  • Cable TV
  • Balcony



  • Every morning, you will be able to enjoy an American-style breakfast in our beautiful restaurant onsite.
  • 24-hour front desk
  • Tour desk
  • Luggage storage
  • Complimentary bottled water
  • Room service



We have friendly staff from Holland, Australia, Hawai, France and Ecuador.



  • Lots of great spots to hang out and relax
  • Infinity pool with best view of all town
  • Free Wifi
  • BBQ facilities
  • Free parking
  • Pet friendly
  • Towels
  • Hammocks are available upon request
  • Terrace



Here our goal is to teach you how to become a better surfer regardless of your level of experience. We supervise a qualified, youthful and bilingual crew that provide only the best learning material and equipment. Surf instructors are qualified, experienced, and most of all, talented surfers. Surfing is the most fun and confidence-building activity out there, and we’d love to share that with you!


Montanita is a surfing destination unrivaled in South America, unique in the way that it will give you a genuine taste of surfing lifestyle in an environment of great natural beauty and with almost a sunny climate year round. The Ecuadorian beach provides good surfing conditions year round on any surf spot at a time from the months of December to May we have the north swells and from May to December we have the south swells, regardless of swell or wind conditions. Wave size and quality range from average to epic, with an assortment of reefs and beach breaks that cove whole range of surfing skills, from beginners to experienced.


Our International surf staff is prepared for teaching people from beginners to advanced, the surf lessons language will be english in average groups of 5 students per instructor. We offer surf lessons all week long and on weekends surf trips to different beaches north of Montanita.



Our Spanish program is designed to help you become proficient and comfortable communicating in Spanish, while enjoying a relaxing and fun environment conducive to learning. We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Our class sizes are small and our experienced instructors keep learning fun and relaxed! Our lessons cover new material for two hours in the morning, then students meet again with an instructor for another two hours in the afternoon. We reinforce the lessons covered in class through games, outdoor trips, and fun nighttime activities.



Our daily yoga classes are organized around our surf schedule and have been designed to be suitable for all levels of knowledge and experience. Yoga is a great way to stay in shape, prevent injuries, warm up before paddling out and to stretch out the body after a long surf session. Our yoga classes are taught by highly experienced, accredited instructors, who will help you improve your practice. Yoga complements surfing perfectly as it builds strength, flexibility and balance.


Variety of Yoga Classes:

  • Vinyasa Flow: In this sequence, poses flow together, creating sequences that incorporate a variety of styles of yoga. This dynamic class is ever changing with a variety of poses and sequences. The progression of poses varies and is a class meant for those who like to move.
  • Power Flow: This is a strength and energizing practice, aimed to open and cleanse your mind and body. We build heat, flow quickly, strengthen our core, and engage all muscles. This class balances and detoxifies your entire body as you move through challenging postures and flows.
  • Restorative: A yoga practice that seeks to relieve mental, physical, and emotional tension through longer, deeper holds in fewer postures. With the use of props, this class is designed to heal the nervous system and release deeply held tension from the body and mind. This practice is intended to be healing and nurturing for the body.
  • Slow Flow: A Vinyasa style of class, focuses more on flowing with breath and working the body on all levels. Some postures flow together in this sequence while others are held separately with space between. Moving through each posture a little slower with increased mindfulness and breath awareness allows us to challenge ourselves to slow do

Yoga Schedule









Vinyasa Flow

Power Flow

Vinyasa Flow

Power Flow

Vinyasa Flow




Slow Flow


Slow Flow



  • SOUTH AMERICAN COOKING CLASS: Fun and delicious! Spend an evening learning about our history while preparing regional dishes and drinks.
  • VIP FÚTBOL EXPERIENCE: Experience South American fútbol from our private suite. Open bar & roundtrip transportation included.
  • BBQ NIGHT: Every Saturday we host a traditional South American barbecue. Experience true Ecuadorian flavor with good food and cold beers.
  • SURF TRIP: We offer day trips to secluded surf spots along the coast for beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers. Board rentals, transportation and lunch included.
  • LEARN TO SALSA: Get groovy with us and learn some spicy Latin dance moves. Salsa Class for all levels. No experience necessary!
  • SPEARFISHING: Our spearfishing guides combine the thrill of the hunt with swimming in the ocean and eating healthy, tasty fish.
  • WHALE WATCHING: See whales in the wild! Head to Machalilla National Park, and get up close to the whales and their calves as they migrate to the warm waters of Latin America.
  • HORSEBACK RIDING: Hit the trails and learn how to ride! Gallop over dunes of fine white sand or relax and observe the beautiful outdoors. Our guide will cater to your experience and comfort level.
  • PARAGLIDING: Do you ever dream of flying like a bird? Conquer the skies and soar above the coastal ridges of the Ecuadorian coastline.
  • SCUBA DIVING: Delve into the underwater habitat of our deep-sea friends. Pursue your scuba diving certification with the PADI Open Water Diver course.
  • ISLA DE LA PLATA: Everything a nature lover could want. The island is full of wild birds, iguanas and various indigenous species. See magnificent frigatebirds, blue-footed boobies, and green sea turtles.
  • ISLAND OF SALANGO: Escape to Salango Island, one of the most remote and beautiful places in Ecuador, home to white coral reefs and beautiful variety of fish.



The Camp is located close to the center of town and is just a few minutes walk from the beach, dozens of great restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and everything else you could need.


From its origins as a hippie beach destination in the 1960s to its present-day reputation as a surfing hot spot, Montanita Ecuador has been luring tourists and expats to its golden shores for decades, with some of the country’s most lively attractions and colorful characters.With a name that means “Little Hill,” Montanita is situated on the country’s Santa Elena peninsula.  Just over two hours from Guayaquil, this multi-cultural town boasts one of the most beautiful beaches on Ecuador’s south coast. It has all the modern conveniences and all the ingredients most tourists expect for an exciting journey.


Here are a few facts about Montanita that are sure to intrigue any visitor :


  • Montanita, Ecuador, has some of Latin America’s most challenging waves: Today Montanita attracts surfers from all around the world.  It boasts strong, consistent waves that can get as high as one meter (over 3 feet) during the calmer summer months.  Likewise, during the late fall and winter, especially January through March, waves as large as 2 meters (6 ½ feet) have been recorded.


  • With its excellent waves and good tubes: Montanita presents a challenge for beginners while still remaining tricky enough for even the most advanced surfers.  The surfing in Montanita has earned a spot on the international surfing crcuit, as well as a place in the town’s annual Carnival celebration.  An international surfing competition now holds a spot on the agenda of the February festivities.


  • Montanita is a cultural phenomenon: A town that started with a handful of local fishermen and a few foreign hippies has evolved a vast cultural melting pot of people from all nations and ways of life. The city promotes the ideas of tolerance, acceptance, and maybe even a bit of rebellion.


  • The weather in Montanita ranges from hot and humid to outright sauna: Located just one degree from the equator, Montanita has a tropical climate : the temperature doesn’t fluctuate much throughout the seasons.  The low fallsrarely below 70, and the highs are usually in the mid 80’s. Montanita’s rainy season runs from December to May, and thankfully most of it falls during the evening and night hours.


  • Montanita is a place for adventure seekers: While you’re more than welcome to sit back, relax, and enjoy some bird-watching, or just people-watching, Montanita is best suited for those with a thirst for adventure.  In addition to its world-class surfing, it’s also a great spot for scuba diving, fishing, or even land exploration.A small mountain to the north (called “The Point”) separates Montanita from the more peaceful beaches of neighboring Olon.  A hike up to its peak offers some incredible views of the ocean and beaches.  The southern end of Montanita borders Manglaralto. With a name that literally means “high mangrove,” its estuaries offer great opportunities for fishing and exploring. Wildlife, such as exotic birds and turtles, can also be seen at the Valdivia Aquarium and nearby Machalilla National Park.


  • With its low cost of living, you might just end up extending your trip to Montanita, Ecuador: Restaurants offer meals for reasonable prices, like a nice dinner for $8 or a hamburger from a street vendor for $1.50.  Bars and cabanas offer 2-for-1 tropical drinks during happy hour. So, if you’re looking for a place with a great vibe, where you can surf and party with people from all over the globe or if you prefer a destination where you can do some undisturbed people-watching from your lounge chair while sipping on a $2 daiquiri, come to Montanita where you can do both.

Getting Here


The closest airport is José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport of Guayaquil located 3 hours from Montanita.  Airport code: GYE.



For your convenience, we offer airport transfers upon request.  



Company: CLP

Cost: $6

Duration: 3hrs


Buses leave every hour from the bus terminal in Guayaquil. Upon arrival at GYE, take a taxi to the bus terminal (5 mins/ $3).  CLP is located on the top floor.  



Cost per person

Shared Bungalow

Oceanview Suite

Spanish Only



Spanish & Yoga



Spanish & Surf



Surf & Yoga



Spanish, Surf & Yoga





7 Nights Luxury Accommodation

20 Hours Small Group Spanish Class

Breakfast Daily



7 Nights Luxury Accommodation

20 Hours Small Group Spanish Class

5 Yoga Classes

Breakfast Daily



7 Nights Luxury Accommodation

20 Hours Small Group Spanish Class

5 Surf Lessons

Breakfast Daily



7 Nights Luxury Accommodation

5 Surf Lessons

5 Yoga Classes

Breakfast Daily



7 Nights Luxury Accommodation

20 Hours Small Group Spanish Class

5 Surf Lessons

5 Yoga Classes

Breakfast Daily





WEEKLY (Monday-Friday)

SPANISH (Small Group – 20hrs)


SPANISH (Private – 20hrs)



SURF LESSONS (Small Group – 2hrs)

Transport, equipment, 30 min orientation, 2hr water time.







5 Classes

8 Classes


1 hr instruction

Mat, water, and towel






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