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Fuerteventura Surf & Kitesurf Camp - Corralejo, Canary Islands. Spain


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Fuerteventura Surf and Kite Center

Our Kite and Surf Center stated in 2006. Our goal is to share to you our knowledge and passion of the ocean and water activities.
With more than 10 years of experience, we are a great international and professional Team

The lessons we offer in our Kite, Surf & SUP School & Camp in Fuerteventura are safe, enjoyable and a perfect exciting way to begin your watersport adventure. The Kitesurf learning method is based on the IKO methodology. We offer Surf-Deluxe Courses which are all semi-private lessons in small groups.
We enjoy sharing our passion to our guest. The goal is to make you ride the water.

We are settled in Corralejo, Fuerteventura, the wind and wave Capital of the Canary Islands

We offer accommodation in Villaverde and Corralejo.

See you soon in the water!


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Fuerteventura Surf and Kite Center

Our Fuerteventura Surf and Kite accommodations are the perfect places to rest and chill after a full day of Kite, Surf and water action.

We can offer two different accommodation possibilities:


Villa in Villaverde

Our comfortable Villa in Villaverde:

Which have four private rooms, in very close distance to the best surfkitesurf and SUP surf spots of the Island.

Inside the villa, we have our own Gym Pro training Fuerte with daily Yoga and functional Training classes.

Equipped with a big shared kitchen you are able to prepare a fresh coffee or nice breakfasts or meals.
For the chillers, we have a comfy living room, outdoor terraces with BBQ, with green garden and chillout areas.

We do have possibilities to refresh yourself with an outdoor shower in the garden or just chill in the sunshine. This will be your new home in Fuerteventura to enjoy to relax, meet friends in the Fuerteventura Island Culture.

If you do have your own equipment storage space and washing area for your Surf and Kitesurf material is, of course, available as well as private parking and free Wifi.

All the rooms are private, with the option to choose a private or shared bathroom.

Only self-catering.

Surf Camp House in Corralejo

Our Surf Camp House in Corralejo:

A modern Surf Hostel perfectly suited for meeting people from different parts of the world, relax and enjoy.

Equipped with cozy dorm room, 3 fully equipped shared bathrooms and nice common areas as: terraces, garden, pool, kitchen, living room equipped, etc). It is the ideal choice for those who are

– terracesgarden, pool, kitchen, living room equipped, etc). It is the ideal choice for those who are

– garden

– pool

– kitchen

– living room equipped, etc).

It is the ideal choice for those who are traveling in groups or for adventurers traveling alone.

Breakfast is included.



 Which is never too late to leFuerteventura Surf and Kite Center offers different activities as:


At the spot , the wind is a predominantly crossshore and Flag beach which is the start of some 6-7 km of white beach, where we have about 3 km distance for kitesurfing.

The period Mars to November are the best months for kitesurfing. Because the sea tends to be flat and the wind consistent. During the winter months, the sea is wavy, agitated and the wind conditions are not consistent as it can be onshore, offshore etc.

To guarantee the high course performance we use  a boat! Depending on the wind directions, the boat will put you in the right spot in order to teach you the perfect way. To resume the boat gives us the flexibility to move around the island searching for the most suitable location.


Courses are running in a continual basis with groups (max 4 persons per instructor) on the beach part of the course.


Beginner Course Planning:

Day 1:
You will learn wind theory and how to equipment set up .

Starting with a training kite and after a 2-line-kite.

Basic safety systems and how to pack down the kite equipment.


Day 2 :
Getting familiar with the kites that will be used on the water.

You will learn all about the control of the 4-line kite and bar, theory about relaunching from the water and you will get prepared to go in the water.


Day 3:

You will fly the kite in the water and practice:

– body dragging

– launching

– landing alone on the beach and in the water

– board recovery 

– Self-rescue.


Day 4:

Last day of your course, and time to get on the board.

First, practice on land to get the feel for the board-start following by practice on the water.

It might take a few attempts but at the end, you will be up on the board riding. 

You are now an independent kiteboarder.


Advanced Course:

In this course, you will learn how to manage your practice area and be able to choose your equipment.

You ride more powerful kites and learn the basics of edge control and upwind riding.

Our instructors will directly tip and advise you.ccording to what you want to discover/ learn:
e.g.: how to ride Wakeboards, Twin Tips or jibing a directional or Mutant board.




Surfing with us is more than just a surf lesson

So be ready for some serious fun & action in the ocean!

Paddling with your surfboard under your belly, feeling the fresh and warm ocean while the sunshine touch your skin, that’s surfing in Fuerteventura!

Surfing is more than a sport. It’s understanding the ocean as learning his waves and his nature, it’s a way of life!

Surfing is suited for all ages, fun, easy …
Ready? Go surfing! 

Surf Deluxe: We offer Semi-Private Surf Deluxe Lessons of 3 hours in small groups (max. 4 persons).



The Center

The Fuerteventura surf center in the northern part of the island is situated south of Corralejo along the sandy beach is bordered by large sand dunes of Dunas de Corralejo Natural Park. 


This piece of paradise can offer relaxation, sports, bars and night clubs. For the shop fanatics there are  shopping centers areas for strolling, marina and passenger boats with departures to Lanzarote and the Island of Los Lobos, and more.


The center is located directly on the beach, boarding the Grand Beaches of the Corralejo Dunes National Park, and only 15 minutes walk from the center of Corralejo.



As a fishing village converted into a modern resort, Corralejo preserves its charm and added a “surfing” atmosphere, thanks to the several surf shops, surf bars and restaurants.


Nowadays, it’s popular for surfers to take a boat day-trip to the small desert island of Isla de Lobos, just off the coast in front of Corralejo.
A ferry leaves daily at 10 am and returns at 4 PM.


On the uninhabited  Lobos, it is a long walk over to the spot but the wave breaks nice along the base of an old volcano.



Fuerteventura is the second largest island but least populated of the Canarian archipelago.


Ninety kilometres off Morocco and the African coast, it also enjoys the best climate of all the islands.


The large number of sunny days and minimal rainfalls, as well as the topography of the terrain, has created Europe’s only desert.


Fuerteventura has the longest beach of the archipelago, formed by fine white sand from the nearby Sahara desert.


The island boasts three natural parks: the Dunas de Corralejo and Isla de Lobos to the north and the Jandia Peninsula to the south. In total, 40% of the island has been declared a national park and its natural state has been almost completely preserved.


Canary Islands

Known as the “Fortunate Islands”, the Canary Islands enjoy a permanent spring, a subtropical climate cooled by the Ocean breeze and the Trade Winds, with warm waters and consistent swell most of the year.


Off the coast of Morocco, Spanish territory and outpost of the European Union, the Canary Islands are but a two-hour flight from Madrid and the mainland.


The “Hawaii of the Atlantic”, as the islands are referred to by surfers, this volcanic archipelago is formed by seven islands.


Main surf destinations are the two major islands of Tenerife/Gran Canaria and the less populated islands of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote.



The climate is Subtropical with warm winters and hot summers.


Warm waters all year!


Best waves are in winter at the time when the north and western swells comes in.

Getting Here

The Center is located in Corralejo, the northern tip of the island


Fuerteventura Airport (FUE) is on a distance of 35 km.


Iberia and major charter companies are available.


As well as cheap flights all year from major European countries.


Corralejo Harbour (Ferry to Lanzarote / Half an hour crossing)


Car rental possibilities with Top Car Auto Reisen.



Fuerteventura Surf, and Kite Center prices:


Accommodation Junior Suite Double Room Shared
1 night 50 45 30
Weekend (fri – sun) 100 90 60
5 nights 250 225 150
7 nights 350 315 210



Breakfast: 7 day Voucher 50 EUR per week


Airport Transfers: 90 EUR per person return 60 EUR per person if two or more people.


Camp Packages


Accommodation + Kite Junior Suite single Shared
3 nights 307 282 245
4 nights 436 402 349
5 nights 486 448 389
6 nights 532 489 425
7 nights 624 574 499



Wind Theory & practical Kite Lessons
Kitesurf Boat water sessions
All equipment included
Third party + Accident Insurance
1 day = 3 hours
Maximum 3 Person/Instructor


Accommodation + Surf Junior Suite Single Shared
4 nights 332 305 265
5 nights 382 351 305
6 nights 525 420 365
7 nights 554 443 385

Including :

Theory & practical SURF DELUXE Lessons
All surfing equipment included
One Street surf session
Third party + Accident Insurance
1 day = 3 hours
Max. 4 Person/Instructor

The courses start as soon as you meet in the classroom with your instructor and finish when you get back.


If for any reason, you could not finish your course (lack of wind, waves, sickness, etc), we offer a voucher for the outstanding days, whoch can be converted in surf lessons, SUP lessons or buy something in our Surf Shop.



Extra 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days
Airport (go & return trip) 90/60 (if > 1)        
Surf lessons 55   150   210
Surf rental beginner 10 18 25 30 35
Surf rental Epoxy 15 28 40 50 60
Kite rental 50 100 145 190 230
Kite rental 50 100 145 190 230
Kite lessons Beginner / 210 295 390 470
Wetsuit 5 10 14 18 22



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