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PUNTA HERMOSA Surfhouse, Surfaris, Surf Tours & Surf Camp - Lima, Pico Alto. Peru


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The first Surf Camp in Peru, in operation for fifteen year, the surfhouse enjoys a perfect location in the surfing community of Punta Hermosa, a short drive south of Lima on the Panamerican Highway.


Punta Hermosa is one of Peru’s best waves location, with over twenty breaks within a five mile radius – the Surfhouse lies within walking distance of nine reputed surf spots. Accommodation comprises a range of double and shared guestrooms, all with private bathroom. Friendly family atmosphere and excellent Creole cuisine. Daily Surfaris with local guides to some of the biggest and longest waves in South America.


Surf House


The Surf House is located in the surfing community of Punta Hermosa, south of Lima. Within walking distance of the beach and 9 excellent surf spots. Your host and camp owner has been actively surfing Peru for over 30 years. He is assisted in his task by his son. Guestrooms sleeping two, three and four guests, all with private bathrooms facilities with hot and cold tap water. Dining room and lounge with cable TV. Excellent Peruvian cuisine, including the traditional Ceviche, and barbecue on the house on weekends !




Daily Surfaris with local guides to some of the biggest and longest waves in South America.


Surf Spots


Peru enjoys a reputation of receiving some of the most consistent swell on the planet. The surf breaks year round and every type of wave can be found. Peru has an extremely large swell window and it can receive swells from the South, Southwest, West and Northwest. The points, reefs and beach breaks receive their swells from storms in the roaring 40’s and from the North Pacific. Typically in summer the surf averages 4 to 10 feet, with some days easily reaching 20 feet. In winter, the surf averages 8 to 15 feet with days in the 20-foot plus size very common.


Punta Hermosa is Peru’s most popular surfing arena, with over 20 spots within a five mile radius, including the world class Pico Alto, South America’s largest wave. This area of headlands, reefs and coves tends to focus the swell energy, creating ideal surfing conditions. Wind condition are predominantly very light, creating perfect glassy waves year round. Most famous spots in the area are Pico Alto, La Herradura, Punta Rocas, Arica and Cerro Azul.



Punta Hermosa, Lima


When not surfing, a visit to Lima is a must. Founded in 1535 by conquistador Francisco Pizarro, Lima was once ranked as the richest and most important city in the Americas, the Spanish Crown’s centre of power and trade for the entire American vice-regency. Although now boasting 8 million inhabitants, one third of Peru’s population, the city has maintained its old colonial quarters, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.




The coastal area around Lima is dry and rainless all year ! The winters can be cool and the beaches are often covered in seafog. Summers (December to April) are warmer, but foggy days are still possible. Water temperatures are cool but comfortable. In summer you can wear just trunks or a spring suit. In winter either a spring or full wetsuit depending on conditions.

Getting Here

Punta Hermosa


45 km. S of Lima on the Panamerican Highway Lima Jorge Chávez International Airport (LIM) Warning: Continental Airlines might no accept surfboards !


Visa not required for EU, US and Canadian citizens. 90-Day tourist visa issued on arrival at Lima airport.


No vaccine necessary for coastal Peru. Malaria treatment for the Amazon region


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