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OUANO Surf Lodge & Surf Camp - French Melanesia, New Caledonia. New Caledonia


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This Accommodation is no longer available

This Surf Camp is one hour drive from Noumea and half an hour from la Tontouta international airport. The camp is an unforgettable place for surfers and non surfers alike. The total number of guests at any one time is limited to 20 which guarantees a relaxed, uncrowded atmosphere both at the camp and on the spot. The grounds are surrounded by water which will add to the soothing ambiance.


On the eastern side, a saltwater lagoon has been created and is used as a fish pond. Early birds will have a chance to see some spectacular sunrises on the mountain chain. On the western side, a white sand beach faces the two coral islands Ndigoro and Kondoyo. This beach is a great spot to watch the sunset and just looking at the horizon you can tell if the surf is up on the barrier reef.


The camp is settled on a peninsula adjacent to the Oua Tom tribe (pronounced Wa Tom), and they have always made it a point of honour to keep good relations with their neighbours. A relationship of mutual respect between the camp and the tribe has been weaved through collaboration and as a consequence of the camps demonstrated respect of the natural environment surrounding it. During your stay you will have the opportunity to visit the tribe and enjoy a traditional meal called bougna (pronounced boonia).


The camp has 2 speedboats that offer you the opportunity to go surfing, on eco tours, or to simply get dropped off on a coral island surrounded by the lagoon.


The camp can organise all sorts of exciting activities, such as buch walks, horseback tours and canyoning adventures. You can even skydive in Tandem. You’ll find that jumping from 11,000 feet guarantees the best views on the mountain chain, the world’s biggest lagoon and the Pacific Ocean.


Accommodation The camp has a capacity of up to 20 persons at a time, in 5 beachfront bungalos,


all including:

  • Great lagoon & island views
  • Wooden beds
  • All linnen
  • Mosquito nets
  • Basic storage


These bungalows can be suited with individual, twin and double beds, depending on needs.


The camps bathroom facilities are in an seperate building. All are equiped with showers with hot and cold water. Seperate bathrooms for men and women.


Food, Bar & Restaurant The camps restaurant is in a seperate bungalow. The chefs prepare fantastic French and Melanesian influenced dishes, all with the local farms fresh vegetables, fruits and ofcourse, the lagoon’s daily caught fish.


Full Board If you have full board included in your package we can cater for your needs, wether you are vegetarian, or you have a specific diet or allergie/s. Please inform us of your dietary needs in advanced.


Breakfast: Breakfast will be served as a buffet. You will have a choice of hot beverages such as tea, coffee, cocoa, juices, toasts, cereals, eggs and bacon.


Lunch: For those who are out Surfing, lunch will be prepared and packed into the speedboats on board lunchbox . The lunch will consist of water, juices, sandwiches, salads and buiscuits.


For those staying at the camp, lunch will be served at the restaurant, and will consist of a main and a desert.


Dinner will be a three course meal from the menu of the day with french, tahitan, caledonian and australian dishes over the week.


Drinks At the camps bar you will find all the essentials: beers, wines, cocktails and sodas.


Transfers The camp’s staff will personally meet you at the Airport and take you to the camp in their van (30 – 40 minute drive).


On Site Activities Onsite activities can be taken advantage of free of charge with all material included.


These include:

  • Kayaking
  • Volleyball
  • Racket Ball
  • Pétanque (French Bowls)
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Camp Amneties
  • Laundry service
  • Internet
  • Phone


Sports & Activities


The Camps offers a wide variety of Activities, such as:

– Surfing

– Snorkelling

– Kitesurfing

– Windsurfing

– Fishing

– Cultural tour with the local tribe

– Canyoning

– Horse riding

– Bush walks

– Skydiving

– Golfing


Surfing in New Caledonia New Caledonia offers great surfing all year long. The best surfing season is from May to October (Winter). These are the months with the best swell, with waves ranging from 5 to 15 feet and optimal winds. Summer can also be great with South East swells, producing waves from 2 to 10 feet.


Average Water Temperatures Winter: 22º Celsius

– A shorty can be handy for early morning surf sessions, but many surf in rash tops. Summer: 26º Celsius





– This spot is on coral reef. Located in a channel of the barrier reef, about 10 km off shore and only accessible by boat, this spot offers world class surfing. The boat will get you to this spot in just 20 minutes, but the captain may decide to take you to other spots when on those rare days the surf quality is not there.


“The Left”

– This is the most consistent spot in New Caledonia. It can generate waves ranging from 2 to 15 feet, and has various swell directions (from South-West to South-East). This 300 metre long spot provides a day to day variety of perfect barrels, or long lines wrapping around the reef. Good on any tide, best on upcoming tide.


During the weekends “The Left” is visited by local surfers. Local surfers welcome newcomers in a positive and respecfull manner, so dont forget that these people are sharing their world class waves with you…


The Right

– This spot has a great fast barrel section, but it is less consistent and shorter than “The Left”. It is located just across the pass from “The Left”, about 5 minutes by speedboat. It can generate waves from 4 to 10 feet, and no wind.


Others spots

– Ounao has other spots, lefts and rights around the barrier reef that are good to surf with moderate swells at mid tide.


Suggestions on What to Bring You should bring at least two boards. Your usual beach break board will go well with waves under 6 feet, but take a board for waves 6 feet and over. There are boards for sale at the camp, incase you snap yours. Shorties: From May

– September. Rashies: Rest of the year. Booties: To avoid nasty reef cuts, and to walk on islands. Sun screen Hats Sun glasses Snorkelling Gear


Snorkelling Snorkle in warm and cristal clear waters in the lagoon, and enjoy the Pacific Ocean’s beauty at its purest. See amazing multicoloured fish, sea turtles, dolphins, sea snakes, live coral, etc…


See dugongs and dolphins from on board all year round, and whales from July to September.


To go snorkelling you have two options:


1 – Take the taxi boat to Kondoyo island which is just in front of the camp, 5 minutes away by speedboat. Snorkel from the white sand beach whenever you feel like it.


2 – Take the Eco Tour: Boat Departs at 8am – See dugongs, dolphins, turtles and flying fish along the way. Visit the ‘Eeziay’ natural pools on the barrier reef and snorkel in this safe and amazing environment.


Go past the huge ‘Ever Prosperity’ ship wreck, also called titanic. Around 12 pm you can either get dropped back at the surf camp for lunch or have lunch on Kondoyo island.


Kite surfing Ouano offers great conditions for kitesurfing, generating 20-25 knot winds in the afternoon in summer. Start from the beach at the camp and take a long ride in the lagoon. If you are an experienced kiter, the camps speedboat can take you out to the barrier reef to enjoy the waves. World kite tour comes once a year to New Caledonia in November, and Ouano is the place they come to for waves.


Windsurfing Windsurfers can enjoy the same trade winds during summertime that will provide them with some unforgettable rides in te lagoon. Experts can take advantage ot “The Left”, the world class spot that famous windsurfer Robert Teritehau never fails to ride everytime he comes back home from Hawaii.


Fishing Go fishing with the fishing guide and catch some exotic and delicious fish like yellow fin tuna, coral trout, mahi mahi, wahoo, giant trevally, swordfish, barracuda, etc, depending on the season and weather conditions.


Cultural tour Have you ever met a real tribe? Take this opportunity to meet the Kanak tribe and discover their way of life and share rare moments with them and taste their traditional bougna (pronounced boonia).


Canyoning Take an excursion down the thrilling Dony waterdalls. Begin your mini adventure at 8am in La Foa, and end it mid afternoon. This excursion envolves a one hour drive, two hour walk and three hours of canyoning. No experience needed.


Horse Riding At just 20 minutes away you will find the La Foa ranch. The ranch organises horse back tours (half day, or two hours). Start your trot from the valley and cruise your way through the forest to the hill tops for a fantastic breath taking view of the village, mountain chain and lagoon.


Bushwalks Louis, an experienced guide from the Oua Tom Tribe will be your host, sharing all his knowledge about the secrets of the mountains with you. Suitable for beginner, and experienced trekkers.


Skydiving On a nearby airstrip operates an affiliated to the French Federation sky diving club, just 5 minutes from the surfcamp. Jump from 11,000 feet with an instructor and experience 40 seconds of gravities power, then 10 minutes of gliding as the instructor opens the shoot. The jump requires medical check up and a 20 minute briefing. Pay extra and take home a memorable video of you jump.


Golfing There is a golf club half an hour from Ouano, so, surf in the morning, and golf in the afternoon!



New Caledonian Geography and History in a Nutshell


New Caledonia is located in the South West Pacific, at approximately 1600 km off the eastern coast of Australia, just North of the Tropic of Capricorn . It constitutes the fourth largest archipelago in the South Pacific and counts a population of about 250 000 people. Almost half of the population lives in the capital city Noumea, which lies on a headland in the South-West corner of the island.


Captain Cook discovered the North-East side of the island in 1774 and named it New Caledonia because of its resemblance with the green hills of the Caledonian islands in his native Scotland. In 1853 Napoleon III annexed New Caledonia, and later included the Loyalty Islands which lie to the east of the main island.


New Caledonia became a strategic point for the allied forces during WWII as it hosts a third of the world’s known nickel resources. Nearly one million American and Anzac soldiers came through New Caledonia; roads, bridges and the airport were built and jump-started the development of the island. Some of these soldiers surfed at Bourail, where they had an R&R restaurant on the beach. They were probably the first to ever surf in New Caledonia. Consequently the first generation of local surfers emerged at Bourail in the 70’s with the fiber glass revolution.


In 1998 the Noumea Agreement was settled to prepare the progressive autonomy of the country, which could become independent after referendum in 2018. Today New Caledonia is ranked amongst the 30 richest nations in the world thanks to its mining industry and to French government support.


Weather New Caledonia is described as the land of eternal spring. It boasts a pleasant semi-tropical climate all year round. The wet season is from December to March and according to the statistics it pours more in February. Temperature varies between 25 and 30° degrees Celsius. During the cooler season the temperature varies between 20 and 26 degrees Celsius°.


Language The official and administrative language in New Caledonia is French but Melanesian and Polynesian dialects are widely spoken. English is commonly used in Noumea mainly in the hospitality industry.


Safety New Caledonia is a French territory which gives it political stability and makes it safe for all travellers.


Getting There: To get there, just jump on a 2.5 hours flight from Sydney to New Caledonia.


What you should bring: Your own snorkelling gear for comfort (we do have some just in case you forget it), sunscreen, sunglasses, flip-flops or booties to walk on coral islands, wind jackets, any music or DVD you wish.


New Caledonian climate: The climate in New Caledonia is tropical. The weather is influenced by the regionally predominant southeast trade winds especially in summer, from November to March, which is also the cyclone season.

Getting Here

Flights From Australia: daily flight from Sydney (3 hours), 5 flights per week from Brisbane (2 ? hours). From New Zealand: 4 flights per week from Auckland (2 hours 40 minutes). From Tahiti: 1 flight per week from Papeete (5 hours 40 minutes). From Japan: 3 flights per week from Osaka and 5 flights per week from Tokyo (9 hours). From United States: via Tahiti, Australia or New Zealand Return or fly through airfares are compulsory.


Visa For a stay less than 3 months, citizens of the following countries don’t need a visa : France, Germany, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Danemark, Spain, Finland, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, New-Zealand, Holland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland.


For a stay less than 1 month, citizens of the following countries don’t need a visa : Bermuda, Canada, Chili, Cyprus, South Korea, USA, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico and Poland.


Citizens of other countries should contact the French embassy in their country of residence to enquire about visa procedures.


Vaccination No vaccination is necessary when coming to New Caledonia.


Communication New Caledonia’s mobile phone network covers all the islands and a vast majority of the lagoon. Internet cafés are easily found in Noumea but are scarce in the rest of the island. The island counts two local TV channels, 1 cable TV network, a daily newspaper and 5 radios.


This Accommodation is no longer available



From Sunday to Sunday



– International Airport Transfers (40 minute drive)

– Welcome Cocktail

– 6 Nights Accommodation in a Beachfront Bungalow at the Surfcamp (max 4 guests)

– 1 Night Accommodation in a self contained flat in Noumea* *1 Night of PARTY in the heart of the Capital’s nightlife!! (Meals not included)

– Full Board (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Soft Drinks)

– 5 Days of Surfing

– Taxi Boat to all the Surfspots

– Up to 8 hours of non stop Surf!!! (Saturday morning Surf possible at additional cost)

– Transfers: Noumea

– Tontouta International Airport