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SINALOA Accommodation, Surf School & Surf Camp - Mazatlan, Barras de Piaxtla. Mexico


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This Accommodation is no longer available

Barras de Piaxtla Surfcamp is the perfect getaway place to learn to surf.


If you would like to spend your day learning how to surf on pristine secluded beaches, enjoying a cold drink in a hammock 10 feet from the ocean, sea kayaking, feasting on lobster, or warming your bones next to a beach bonfire, then Barras de Piaxtla Surfcamp is the vacation for you.


Come experience the real Mexico! If you want to get away from the typical vacation full of tourists then this Surfcamp is for you. The location of the surf camp gives you a first hand experience of the warmth and friendliness of Mexican culture. There are no McDonald’s, Wal-Mart’s, hotel’s, or other tourists!


The camp is located 1hour and 15 minutes north of Mazatlan in the small fishing village of Las Barras De Piaxtla. Here you will learn how to surf on pristine secluded beaches with no one else in the water, get a first hand experience of Mexican culture, and enjoy a vacation where you truly do get away!


The surf camp is an all-inclusive learn to surf camp that offers surfing lessons for beginner to advanced surfers. All you have to do is show up ready to have fun and we will take care of the rest. The surf camp accommodates adults, kids, friends, families, and groups.






* 12:15PM TO 1:30PM – LUNCH



* 5:30PM TO 7:00PM – DINNER



The Beach:


Everyday will be spent surfing the pristine secluded beaches of the area. The waves are usually small to medium in height and perfect for surf lessons. There are no crowds and plenty of space to make learning how to surf easy! The surf camp will provide all your surfing equipment. All you have to do is show up!


Everyday there are two surf sessions. The morning instructed surf session lasts anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. The afternoon session is a free surf for 3 to 4 hours.


For every session we drive (5-20 minutes) to one of the many surf spots in area where you will be the only one out! We have waves for any condition or ability and no crowds. Once at the beach we set up beach chairs, a shade canopy, beach games, refreshments and snacks. All surf gear is provided.


The Surf Courses:


Every day guests will receive up to 4 hours of daily professional surf instruction and surf lessons. The surf instruction encompasses diagrams, demonstrations, guided practice, and video coaching techniques. During the daily surf lessons you will learn surfing fundamentals, learn how to surf, water safety skills, surf history, surfboard knowledge, wave knowledge, surf-forecasting background, balance training, and surf break knowledge. The learn to surf program uses each day’s surf lesson as building blocks so by the end of your stay you have the knowledge and confidence to surf on your own!


The instruction is different then most surf instruction. Most instructors just push you into whitewater. At Barras de Piaxtla Surfcamp they paddle out with you, teach you the complexities of the lineup, and how to paddle and catch waves. They are right along side of you to guide you through the wave from start to finish. The goal is for every guest to go home with a complete understanding of surfing!


For intermediate and advanced surfers the video coaching and guided practice will help you achieve your goals to push you to the next level.


As a guest you will also learn about the local area’s flora and fauna, geologic history, and marine habitat.


Activities/Tours –


Surfing is the main activity. After the morning surf lesson there are a variety of other activities. Explore the local estuary and coastline by kayak, try your luck at the excellent fishing the area has to offer, practice your surfing balance on our Indo Boards, challenge your friend to foosball or pool, watch a movie, or simply relax in a hammock with a good read. Below is a list of activities that are offered daily and are included in your stay.



Las Barras De Piaxtla:


The camp is located 1hour and 15 minutes north of Mazatlan in the small fishing village of Las Barras De Piaxtla.


Barras de Piaxtla is a small fishing village of around 450 people 59 km north of Mazatlan in the Mexican state of Sinaloa.  Although they now have electricity and running water, most of  the people here live much as they have done for hundreds of years, fishing and ranching. Many of the houses are made from small sticks cut from the local woods and woven into walls.


There is still a legend which says that a huge treasure hidden by pirates is somewhere in this town. According to locals, many Mexicans and foreigners have come here searching for it.




The nickname which has been given to Mazatlán… “Pearl of the Pacific”, has nothing to do with pearls, it is a gracious compliment to this very friendly Pacific resort city.  Mazatlán is a very interesting city and embraces tourism with a zest, but Mazatlán is more than just a resort.  Mazatlán could survive just fine without tourism.


When you visit Mazatlán, you should prepare yourself for an active vacation.  Mazatlán has great beaches, many attractions, a variety of interesting historical sites and many interesting monuments spread out all over the city.  Just visiting the monuments and statues could take up an entire day.  Of course, if all you want to do is enjoy the surf and sun, this is OK too.


Mazatlán is home to one of the worlds greatest parties, Carnival.  Mazatlán during Carnival is an unforgettable experience.  Carnival, usually the last week in February or the first part of March,  is a 100 year old Mazatlán tradition.  The expertise that goes into the planning of this event is evident everywhere during Carnival.  This is truly one of the great celebrations in the world.




Mazatlán is blessed with warm tropical weather.  In the summer it gets a little warm by some standards. There is a strong possibility of afternoon rain during the summer, starting in July.  Usually the rain lasts for a few hours after which the air is clean and the humidity drops.  Sometimes the rain lasts through the night.

Getting Here

Las Barras De Piaxtla (1-hour 15-minute drive north of the city of Mazatlan)


Aeropuerto Internacional General Rafael Buelna (IATA: MZT, OACI: MMMZ)


What airport and when do you fly in? The airport you fly into is Mazatlan Mexico. For the 4 day package you fly in on a Sunday and fly out the following Thursday. For the 7 day package you fly in on a Sunday and fly out the following Sunday. Airport pickup time is at 3:00 PM. If you get in later we will wait at the airport for you. If you get in earlier we ask that you wait until the pick up time.


Do you have to arrive and leave on the designated scheduled days? You do not have to arrive or leave on the designated scheduled days. However there will be an extra airport transportation fee of $50.00 per trip to the airport when you do not arrive or leave on these days.


Do you need a passport for Mexico? You do need a passport for Mexico. If traveling with a person under the age of 18 that person needs a permission slip from both parents. If you do not have a passport and need expedited service visit Otherwise you can get an application at your local post office.


What should you pack? Some items that you will need will be energy bars, backpack, hat, swimsuit, rash guard, passport, sunglasses, mosquito repellant, and sunblock.


This Accommodation is no longer available

7- DAY PACKAGE $ 1050.00 USD per person

4- DAY PACKAGE $ 710.00 USD per person


These prices include:


* All meals.

* Comfortable, air-conditioned rooms.

* Barras de Piaxtla Surfcamp/Billabong Camps T-shirt

* Daily surf instruction and training

* Digital pictures of your surfing

* Use of all resort amenities.

* 1 guided tour.

* Use of all equipment: kayaks, surfboards, wetsuits, fishing gear, etc.

* Transfers to and from Mazatlan International Airport.




– Group of 4 or more receives a $50.00 per person discount

– Group of 11 or more receives a $100.00 per person discount



* Groups of 4 or more are subject to shared accommodation