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There are many places around the globe that surfers would define as paradise and the Maldives is definitely at he top of the list. As a destination for surfing perfect waves over a crystal clear reef in a tropical setting it doesn’t get much better than this.


To enjoy crusing among the atolls while surfing, diving and fishing, the Manta Charter Boat is a splendid two decker boat of 31 meters and four star standard. On a boat of this size there is plenty of room for finding a quiet spot, with a large sun deck and shaded area, a huge saloon, a bar and nine comfortable AC cabins with luxury bathrooms.


The Manta Charter Boat has a very large saloon where you can enjoy the TV, DVD player and music system, as well as a comfortable 45m2 Saloon with bar. On the upper deck in front of the fly-bridge is a four-person Jacuzzi, where you can drink in the views and play footsy with your buddy. On a boat of this size there is plenty of room for finding a quiet spot, and there are 70m2 sun deck and shaded area with sun recliners and mattresses where you can find some time alone to write up your log book or browse through some of the reading material from the boat’s library.  


  • Standard: Four Star
  • Lenght: 31 meters
  • Width: 09 meters
  • Speed: 10 – 11 knots
  • No. of Cabins: 09 ( 20 pax ) maximum
  • Trip types: Diving, Surfing, Cruising and Fishing
  • Transfer: Dhoni


All cabins have en-suite bathrooms and individually controlled air-conditioning. There are seven cabins on the lower deck which can be used for double or twin births, and two suites on the upper deck which are much more spacious and have double beds.


All the cabins have:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Portholes (lower deck) or windows (upper deck)
  • Room service
  • Private bathroom with hot water shower
  • Hand basin and towels
  • Bedside lights
  • Wardrobe and mirror
  • 3 Prong UK-style mains outlet 220 volts – 24 hours per day


At dinner you can enjoy the leisure of waitress service, whilst breakfast and lunch are both served buffet style. Dinner consists of an apertures and buffet salad followed by a main course and dessert. You cuisine is a variety of international favorite


Surfing Experience the ultimate surfing holidays in The Maldives aboard Luxury vessel Manta Charter. This boat redefines the concept of surfing vacations. While you surf along, perfect waves with not a surfer in sight in remote corners of The Maldives, your non-surfing partner or family can enjoy star class service that will make their trip as special as yours. We offer you the best surfing spots in the Maldives for the discerning surfers. Every aspect of your Surfing Holiday is important to us. In many instances we can tailor a package to suit your requirements.


Diving All the diving on the Manta Charter Boat is done from a 15 meters dive separate dive Dhoni. The Dhoni has two compressors and stores all the dive equipments. Camera rinse tank – SMBs for each diver.


It is the goal of the Manta Cruise to show you the most beautiful dive sites of the Maldives, and to do that we have to adapt the routing to seasonal conditions, available time and weather forecasts. The crews ask you to trust them to choose the best possible route each week, and to fully exploit the live board’s mobility in every situation. Fixed routes would mean to ignore the inside knowledge of the crew.


You need at least a Padi Open Water Diver or an equivalent certificate to join one of our diving cruises. This basic certificate allows you to dive to a maximum of 59 Feet. In order to be well-prepared for the challenging diving conditions in the Maldives and to be able to dive below 59 Feet (where many of the highlights are) we recommend doing the Padi Advanced Open Water or an equivalent certificate before or during your cruise. Divers who have not dived in a while can do a Padi Scuba Review course to refresh their diving skills.


Dhoni All dives are done from an extra diving boat (58 Feet). Equipment and compressor stay on the Dhoni throughout the safari. That means there is no carrying heavy equipment and no compressor noise on the mother ship. First aid box and oxygen are onboard.


Extra diving boat, 12lt Aluminium cylinders with DIN/INT valves, security buoy and lead In case you wish to rent diving equipment – Please pre-order rental equipment!


In general the Maldives rely on the same swell as Indonesia with the best and most consistent swells coming from April to October.  Swell size will likely peak from June to September when south swells from the southern Indian Ocean make their presence known on most of the exposed breaks.  This is also the time of the southwest monsoon and many of the spots can see offshore conditions. The waves will normally range from 4-8 feet, with occasionally bigger days.  February and March, considered the early part of the season will see fun surf and more stable weather but swells will vary, arriving in the small to medium size range. The same holds true for November when the season is coming to a close.




At the moment surf charters exploring the Central Atolls have focused on the Meemu, Thaa and Laamu Atolls, each one offering a variety of waves.  All three atolls have great exposure to south swells and there are plenty of reef-pass setups that will often see bigger waves than the more popular North Male Atoll. Numerous world class breaks have been discovered in the Central Atolls, mostly in the form of right-handers. The beauty of surfing these island chains is that there are many spots within a short distance of each other and waves that will accommodate every level of surfing.  So if you find a reef sucking barrel that looks rather intimidating, you’ll likely find a more welcoming and forgiving wave just around the corner or on the next reef pass. Naturally some spots might be more exposed to wind, but the layout of these islands and their accompanying reefs means that many breaks will be protected, ensuring clean conditions. As the only means of access to these atolls is by charter boat, those lucky enough to have ventured there have been reaping the rewards, and with nobody else around.  Crowding is not an issue in the Central Atolls!!


Meemu Atoll Surf Spots

  • “Veyvah”:  easy lefthander with a long wall
  • “Mulha Rights/Lefts”: the right is tame and good for beginners and intermediates, while the left is faster and more fickle, only breaking when conditions are just right.
  •  “Muli Inside/F1”:  a fast barreling righthander with long walls. Tends to want a bigger swell to get going.
  • “Muli Outside/Mushrooms”: a fun long righthander that pulls in more swell.


Thaa Atoll Surf Spots

  • “Malik’s”: a fast lefthander with long walls and good barrel sections that works best with a big southeast swell
  •  “Adonis”: a righthander that has some very nice barrels when the swell jumps up a notch. It can be a very long wave with the right conditions.
  •  “Outside and Inside Mikados”: a very powerful righthander that can produce some great barrels and will pick up more swell than other spots in the area.
  • “Finnimas “: a smoking shallow lefthander with some great barrels


Laamu Atoll Surf Spots

  • “Langon Bank”: a righthander that needs a big southeast swell. It tends to be a pit stop for charters boats heading south.
  •  “Tsunamis Lefts”: has a tendency to close out but can be a fun wave if Tsunamis Rights is too small.
  •  “Tsunamis Rights”: an excellent wave with the right swell angle offering three super fun sections. Has a sweet barrel on the takeoff, then a fun wall for some turns and another barrel at the end section.  Occasionally currents can be a factor at this break.
  • “Refugee’s Left”: a heavy left that closes out more often than not.
  • “Refugee’s Right”: a challenging wave that is fast and shallow on the drop before it barrels down the reef.
  • “Ying Yang”: one of the most consistent spots that loves a solid southeast swell. The wave starts out fairly tame with a nice wall before it backs offs for a while and then begins to throw, offering a long inside section that is quite challenging as it produces some incredibly hollow barrels.



Sitting in the Indian Ocean the Maldives are a group of coral islands straddling the equator southwest of India and west of Sri Lanka. There are about 1,200 islands and roughly 200 of those are inhabited. These low lying islands, isolated reefs and sand spits make up part of a larger formation of 26 atolls that formed around the edges of sunken volcanic peaks. Ring shaped and situated atop a submarine ridge that runs from north to south, the atolls cover an area of approximately 90, 000 square kilometers. The average size of the islands is only one to two kilometers in area and most are flat with white sandy beaches, crystal clear reefs and deep blue lagoons. They sit just 1.5 meters above sea level, and with the highest point being only 2.4 meters above sea level, the Maldives are considered the flattest country in the world.


There are many places around the globe that surfers would define as paradise and the Maldives is definitely at he top of the list. As a destination for surfing perfect waves over a crystal clear reef in a tropical setting it doesn’t get much better than this. When Tony Hussein first came upon these islands in 1973 he was thinking the same thing yet the word didn’t get out for another 15 years about how good the Maldives really were. Eventually his discovery made its way through the surfing community and the Maldives were no longer just a destination for diving. These idyllic tropical islands slowly began seeing a steady influx of surfers and they haven’t stopped coming since. While breaks in the northern atolls have gained most of the attention thanks to several resorts and charter boats that offer easier access, the central and southern atolls are where new discoveries are being made. The best way to reach these more distant locales is by charter boat, and while it might take just a bit longer to get there, you and your mates will likely be the only people in the water.


Climate The Maldives have a warm, year round tropical climate and is influenced by two monsoons courtesy of the Indian subcontinent to the north.  The southwest monsoon from May to October, called “halhangu”, will tend to see more wind and rain, while the northeast monsoon, called “iruvai”, from November to April is the dry season with little or no wind. But due to the Maldives location on the equator, the monsoons are mild and do not always conform to the monsoon patterns of the Indian subcontinent. The temperatures range from 25°C (77°F) to 33°C (90°F) throughout the year and there is an abundance of sunshine in this tropical paradise. That being said, the tropics can see its share of foul weather and tropical storms are rare but not unheard of during the summer months. The water temperature remains at about 26°C (80°F) all year round.

Getting Here

Male airport is an island just dedicated to the airport.


Tell us at what time you arrive to Male airport, you might need to spend a night in hotel in Male for 75 us dollars per personCheck flights to Male in Maldives with Katar, Martin Air, Condo, Eurofly, Lufthansa LTU, Singapore airlines, Sri Lanka airlines, Swiss Air, Air France, British Airways, etc.  


We will pick you up at the airport and take you directly to the boat.


This Accommodation is no longer available

The boat has to be chartered as a whole (max. 20 persons). Ask us for a quote according to your interests: Surf, Diving, etc. Rates are all inclusives, from airport pick up to full board accommodation, on board facilities and all selected activities. Northern and Southern Atolls available on request.


Ask us for a quote !