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TELESCOPES Spa & Surf Resort - Sumatra, Mentawai. Indonesia


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Welcome to this Resort on the island of Silabok, off the north of Sipura Island. The most refined, classy and comfortable resort ever built in Indonesia’s Mentawai Islands. Everything you have heard about one of the worlds most desired surfing locations is true. Now we can say the same for diving and fishing.


The Resort offers a smorgasbord of aquatic activities in crystal blue water right at your front door. The surf shuttle will zip you twice daily to breaks right in our backyard such as the famous. Telescopes lefthander and also up and down the coast to other waves such as HT’s, Rifles and Nokandui’s. You can even become a certified diver during your holiday at our fully equipped dive training centre.


The only surf resort in the mentawai opened all year !


To help you unwind back on land we have on offer a full menu of treatments by experienced staff at the Mentawais only day spa. Or just relax into one of the comfortable lounges at the beachside bar. The Resort caters for a range of guests including couples who may wish to simply opt for a slower pace of life during their stay; laze in the sun and snorkel right off Aloita’s private beach. Or families who may wish to go sightseeing on neighbouring islands and witness the lifestyles and traditions of Mentawai natives. The Resort is located on the island of Silabok, only 5 min from Tua Pejat, the Capital of the Mentawais. It is well connected with the Sumatran mainland by regular ferry services.


Enjoy your next holiday with us and witness the pristine aquatic environment of the Mentawais along with the hospitable and friendly service. You’ll be back again and again.


We propose 7 double cottages and 1 Family (group) cottage


Double Cottage

  • large lanai and private path to our extensive white sand beach.
  • A/C
  • overhead fan
  • water dispenser with coffee and tea facilities free of charge,
  • Cleaning every day
  • The bathrooms are highlighted by more local hardwood
  • safe
  • mini fridge
  • plenty of closet and storage space.
  • private outdoor courtyard and storage area
  • outdoor shower
  • shaded racks for your surfboards.


Family (group) Cottage :

  • additional private bedroom
  • An additional bed can be brought into the living room for larger families.
  • large lanai and private path to our extensive white sand beach.
  • A/C
  • overhead fan
  • water dispenser with coffee and tea facilities free of charge,
  • Cleaning every day
  • The bathrooms are highlighted by more local hardwood
  • safe
  • mini fridge
  • plenty of closet and storage space.
  • private outdoor courtyard and storage area
  • outdoor shower
  • shaded racks for your surfboards.


Restaurant :


You will enjoy delicious meal in our open air restaurant, this is a wonderful place to enjoy some nice specialties,. All buffet style meals are served daily which are designed not just to delight your taste buds, but also replenish and refuel your body. We specialize in a variety of seafood dishes using fresh produce caught in local waters, but we certainly don’t limit ourselves to fish. You can expect anything from pasta dishes to pizza to steaks to chicken ! And all meals are complemented well with a variety of vegetable, rice, fruit dishes, etc. – all high quality, high energy, and healthy.


The Bar


The Lounge Bar is one of the best place to relax after a day of surfing. Sitting right on the beach with a beautiful front deck that projects literally over the water at high tide, the Lounge is without a doubt the coolest place to have a drink, watch a DVD, or do absolutely nothing in the Mentawais.


The Spa


Our professional therapists are skilled in a wide variety of treatments. Here are just some of the services they can provide:



  • Relaxation Massage
  • Sport Specific Massage
  • Traditional Indonesian Full-Body Massage
  • Facial Massage


Special Remedial Treatments

  • Back or Shoulder Pain Treatment
  • Neck Pain or Migraine Treatment


Beauty Treatments

  • Body Scrubs
  • Facial Mask
  • Luxury Bath




The ONLY professional diving operation in the Mentawai Islands


There are still many areas in Indonesia, including the Mentawai Islands in which no one has ever dived before, opening up the possibilities of new discoveries of pristine diving conditions and the sighting of unique marine species. Mentawai is a land filled with rich biodiversity, and a huge range of different natural features. It is the home of Angles fish, huge sea fan, big Tuna and Baracuda. And much more and more. If you wish to dive unspoiled areas, absolutely no crowd, see many different and abundant marine life – then Mentawai is a destination for you. Over the past few years, the owners of the Resort have been quietly exploring and charting the underwater environment of the island chain. In the resort area alone we have discovered and named 12 world class sites. One of the highlights is The Cathedral,a site which is a prairie of Fan Corals. There is also Tongga Timur which is the spot with schools of fish in abundance including passing pelagics like Baracuda, Mackerel, etc.


Diving Course


In every course we take care of every student personally, because we want you to learn, but we also want you to have a great deal of fun. Our courses go from the most basic, the Open Water Diver, to the Dive Master. Full equipments for every student. All of them checked and in perfe ct conditions. Practical learning, since the first day. And if you’re not a diver yet, but wish to know how it feels in this fascinating world, get your dive baptism. Let you go with one of our expert instructors, with complete safety. As easy as that!!


Mondublu Dive Centre


Manager and Chief Instructor, Sebastiano Gulinello has been exploring the potential of diving in and around West Sumatra and the Mentawais since 1997. No other person based in the area has acquired the same amount of dive knowledge. He is the representative for SSI in West Sumatra and is nearly always on the ground to guide and instruct you through your dive experiences at the Resort.


More than 70% of the waves in the Mentawais are accessible within an hour by speedboat from the Resort. Right in our backyard only 10 minutes away are five well known consistent spots including Telescopes the world class lefthander which offers longer and straighter barrels than Maccaronies when it is firing.


Mellower waves are also close by including a fun learners wave right at the end of Aloita Beach. There are still a few secret spots we keep to ourselves though you might just find yourself surfing them when conditions are right! Our Western surfguide will ensure you are always in the right place at the right time.


Every day our qualified surf guides receive constantly updated surf forecasts, and will make recommendations based on swell, wind, and the desires/skills of the guests.  One day we may decide it’s a good idea to take a day trip to the Playground area to the north, for waves such as Rifles, Four Bobs, Nokandui, Nipussi, or Bankvaults.  Or, we might decide a trip south to the Peninsula area is the call for waves such as Bintangs, Lances Left, or HTs.  There are so many options to choose from, and we always consult the needs and desires of our guests to come to a group decision about what is the best call for the day.


Some of the waves in the area




One of the jewels in the Mentawai crown and a definite fave of the crew. Telescopes left needs a decent sized West swell to start doing its thing. Though not as consistent as the other breaks in the area, a session at firing Teles will remain imprinted on your mind long after you’ve left the Mentawais. Teles get natural footers just as amped as goofys because it is so straight, clean and readable riding it backside. The take off gives you just enough time to draw a line and get under the curtain. The barrel is dead straight and when you are two board lengths deep in it and have lost hope of getting out it will eject you onto the face where you can do some speed hooks before reaching a second bonus barrel section at the end of the reef. Teles Even when Teles is breaking at just head high it is a super fun wave and also a great beginners wave as the reef is quite deep. And the best thing about Teles is that it is the closest wave to the Resort- less than 10 minutes by speedboat.




Icelands as with most of the other waves in the zone is a left and is possibly the most jekyll and hyde like wave in the Ments. When everywhere in the chain is flat you can still pull up to Icelands and get a headhigh wave with a lazy but whackable wall. With a big west swell when everyone is getting excited about Telescopes the Ice turns into a monster with barrels big enough to drive the speedboat through. A 5 metre deep ledge out the back of the normal take off zone causes the swell to lift in a way that it doesn’t do on smaller days. This is where you get on. A not too hectic drop preceeds a horshoe section where the wave bends on itself and throws out a big thick barrel section which spits nearly everytime. One of the partners of the resort Chris ‘Scuzza’ who has been around the Ments for the last 8 years surfed massive Ice mid 05 by himself and reported it was the most scared he’d ever been on a deep water wave! But don’t worry, 90% of the time Icelands is a mellow, easy wave situated about a mile away from Teles.




Another small swell left that holds size and another of fave of the crew. Scarecrows or Frankos or Diablos as its sometimes referred to (!) has the ability to spread out a crowd with its several different take off spots. It is not a picture perfect indo reef break but shifts around depending on swell direction, size and currents. The wave stands up only slightly before takeoff providing a mellow drop and a long workable wall where you need to get a bit of speed up before heading down into the section of the reef we call ‘The Curry Bowl’. The Curry Bowl on its day will deliver you into a barrel as good as anywhere else in the Ments or it will give you a beating that might find you taking 5 in the channel for a few minutes. The bonus of surfing at the Crow is that the gutters at the end of the reef contain some well stocked Golden Trevally holes. Throw out a lure after your surf and you might just catch dinner!




On the rare occasions when the Ments goes dead flat this fun little left is our saving grace. It is nothing more than a bend in the reef and hard to spot until you pull up right in front of it. Surfable on all tides and East – South East winds, Jaraiks actually stops working the moment there is any swell!.



The Mentawais are without question one of the best locations on the planet for catching a ridiculous amount of quality waves. In a stunning, tropical location that is at the heart of what we’ve always dreamed, these islands have all the necessary ingredients  that create some of the most perfect waves in the world, the ideal playground for surfers. With excellent exposure to the southern Indian Ocean, the Mentawais offer some of the most consistent surf in the world, welcoming every ounce of swell to unload upon the reefs that protect these beautiful islands.  And there is an endless list to describe these waves: flawless, perfect, clean, powerful, world class –take your pick. Toss in the clear, warm water and the wild beautiful scenery and there is only one conclusion: the Mentawais really do have it all.


The Location


The Mentawais are a chain of lush, tropical islands lying about 100 miles off the west coast of Sumatra in the Indian Ocean. They are considered part of the Sumatera Province, of which Padang is the capital, and are separated from Sumatra, Indonesia’s largest and northern most island, by the Mentawai Strait. There are approximately seventy islands, consisting of four major islands and many numerous smaller islands and islets that spread out in a northwest-southeast direction for nearly 200 miles. Siberut is the largest and northern most of these islands and lies just across the Strait from Padang, the launching point for all charter boats heading to this surfing paradise.


The Surf


While the Mentawais produce some of the most consistent and amazing waves the planet offers, they can also claim to have quite a large variety of breaks.  The countless islands scattered throughout this pristine tropical environment hold vast amounts of sheltered bays, coves and reefs that generate every type of wave imaginable, due in part to the refractive nature of swells which allows them to bend and wrap around any obstacle they encounter.  The high profile spots such as Lances Right, Macaronis, Rags Right, E-Bay, Rifles and Thunders speak for themselves but there are just as many lesser known breaks ranging from fun walls to long peeling barrels.


The majority of the waves in the Mentawais are best suited for the intermediate to advanced surfers but there are several spots which are ideal for beginners, making the Mentawais a destination for anybody who loves to surf. Because the Mentawais sit near the equator they are less affected by the trade winds, so most of the time the winds will be light and variable with plenty of glassy days. Although a few land-based surfcamps have sprouted up in the last few years adjacent to some of the better known breaks, the best way to access so many waves spread out over such a large area is by charter boat. Crowds can be a factor at the top spots, and occasionally you might find yourself sharing a break with another boat. Boats do maintain respect for one another, but with a knowledgeable and experienced captain and such a diversity of breaks you will definitely stumble upon plenty of empty waves for you and your crew.


Best Time To Go


The Mentawais have without a doubt some of the best waves in the world. They also have excellent exposure to the south and southwest swells moving up from the southern Indian Ocean and this means a consistency factor that is unmatched. The main swell season normally begins in late April/May and continues through September/October, with the wave height jumping up a notch from June to September. During this time the waves will stay in the overhead to double overhead range with some occasionally bigger days. That being said, the Mentawais could easily be considered a year round destination, as even during what are considered the slower season months of November thru March/February there is still plenty of surf in the head high range thanks to a very active Indian Ocean that churns out low pressure systems on a regular basis.


The Climate


The Mentawais are basically sitting on the equator and therefore stay hot and humid all year round with very little change in temperature. Temperatures range between 72°- 90° F (22°- 32°C). The water temperature is a steady 80°F(27°C).The Mentawais have a dry season which runs from February to October and a wet season from November to January. This being the tropics rain does occur during the dry season as occasional squalls and storm showers make their way thru this region.

Getting Here

Siparu Island, Mentawai


The port city of Padang  (Sumatra) is launching point for the Mentawai and boat transfers to the resort.


Padang Airport (PDG) Daily flights to Jakarta, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur (Garuda Airlines)


30-Day visitor visa issued on arrival (EU, US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand citizens).


Malaria treatment required.



  • Transfer with private car cost 40 USD (per person) from Airport to Bungus Harbour
  • 20 USD (per person) from Airport to Padang,
  • 20 USD (per person)  from Padang to Bungus Harbour and 10 USD(per person)  from Padang to Muara Harbour
  • Transfer by boat from Tua Pejat to the Resort is 20 USD(per person)  per person each way
  • transfer from Rokot Airport to the Resort is 50 USD (per person)  per person each way.


Winter Rate 2013/2014 From October 2013 to April 2014  
Twin Bungalow Surfer Non- Surfer Child (5-12)  
Single occupancy 195 USD 165 USD –  
Double Occupancy 165 USD 125 USD 85 USD  
Third Bed 140 USD 90 USD 45 USD  
Family/ Quad Bungalow Surfer Non- Surfer Child (5-12)  
Quad Occupancy 155 USD 120 USD 70 USD  
Fifth Bed 140 USD 95 USD 40 USD


Rate From May to September 2014  
Twin Bungalow Surfer Non- Surfer Child (5-12)  
Single occupancy 300USD 240 USD –  
Double Occupancy 240 USD 180 USD 120 USD  
Third Bed 180 USD 120 USD 60 USD  
Family/ Quad Bungalow Surfer Non- Surfer Child (5-12)  
Quad Occupancy 215 USD 155 USD 95 USD  
Fifth Bed 180 USD 120 USD 60 USD


Our Prices include ( rate per person):

  • Accommodation in private bungalows equipped with full A/C, indoor and outdoor shower, full bathroom, safe, storage, mini fridge
  • Three meals per day, including drinking water, coffee, and tea
  • For surfing guests: two surf sessions per day in the vicinity of Aloita, including Telescopes, Ombak Tidur, Icelands, Hookers, Tikus, G4, Muka Ikan and Twiggies and once a day Scarecrows, Frankos, Diablo and Seven Palms, possibility of full days without extra charge in all above mentioned places.
  • Experienced English-speaking surf/dive guide


Available at an Extra Cost:

  • The Playground area to the north, including Hideaways, Rifles, Nokandui, A Frames, 4 Bobs, Bankvaults, Ebay and more, or (2) “the Peninsula” to the south including HT’s (Lance’s Right), Lance’s Left, Bintangs, and Monkeys are available at the following extra charge.
    • to Playground with Sea Taxi Speedboat = 150 USD / Trip
    • to Playground with Michelle Speedboat = 300 USD / Trip
    • to Katiet / Lances with Sea Taxi Speedboat = 300 USD / Trip
    • to Katiet / Lances with Michelle Speedboat = 420 USD / Trip
  • Till 4 surfers we will use only the traditional wooden boat Chicca, the other boats are available just with an extra cost.
  • Non surfers that want to join surfers on the boat must pay an extra charge of 30 USD for the full day and 15 USD for every half day exit.
  • Wifi internet access on your laptop at the cost of 30 USD per week or 5 USD per day in our restaurant, bar, and lounge area
  • Transfer with private car cost 40 USD from Airport to Bungus Harbour, 20 USD from Airport to Padang, 20 USD from Padang to Bungus Harbour and 10 USD from Padang to Muara Harbour, rates are per person.
  • Transfer by boat from Tua Pejat to the Resort is 20 USD per person each way, transfer from Rokot Airport to the Resort is 50 USD per person each way.
  • For those guests who check out with the ferry we will charge half day rate for the extra breakfast, lunch, dinner and the daily surf exit.
  • Porters at the harbor/airport at the cost of 10 USD per person each way.
  • Soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and fresh juices; a variety of juices, soda, beer, wine and spirits are available for service during meals and at the Bar
  • Light meals and snacks, minibar
  • Snorkeling equipment rental
  • Diving instruction and PADI certification
  • Trekking trips to Siberut Island
  • Tax & Service surcharge 21% on all espenses at the Resort