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GHANA Surfaris & Surf Camp - Busua, Western Region. Ghana


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This Accommodation is no longer available

This Surfcamp lies on a beautiful and protected beach in the fishing village of Busua in the Western Region of Ghana near Cape Three Points. For experiences surfers, the West Coast of Ghana offers many surfing option and the Surfari is the only surf tour in Ghana that travels the coast by boat. Experience an African surf adventure complete with challenging waves and no crowds. For beginners, learn to surf in warm water, with no crowds, perfect waves and no need of a wetsuit! The Surfschool low student-to-instructor ratio allows for individual attention and the best results.


The Surfcamp offers two different types of accommodations: Standard accommodation in shared room with private bathroom and Upgraded accommodation in a private room. The Surfschool and Surfaris all include accommodation in full or half board. As part of the surfcamp experience we offer as well a variety of activities that will introduce you to the local culture, history and natural beauty that surrounds us.


The Surfcamp offers attractive yet relaxing accommodations alongside a place to meet and hang out with your fellow surf students in a camp-like setting. Our accommodation partner is our neighbour and less than a two minute walk from the surf school or surf tour center. While attending the surf school you will stay at a hotel with ocean views, pool tables, and a roof-top bar that is located a short walk from the surf school. Our place for you to stay has a friendly, relaxed atmospheres and good food!


Although staying a short distance from the surf school there will be unlimited opportunities to hang out on the beach as our surf school shares a large, multi-leveled wood deck that spills out on to the beach with our very own Orkorye Tree Restaurant. Many of the surf school group activities included in the surf school package, for example the group lobster dinner and the bonfire with traditional drumming and dancing, will happen here. The Okorye Tree is the IN place to hang out in Busua and a great place to share time with your new and old friends, listen to music, talk about your day of surfing, do some more surfing on your own, enjoy a wide variety of food and drinks, or dance the night away!


The rooms offer two or three beds, meaning that if you are traveling alone you will probably share a room with other surfers but if you are traveling in group of two or three people you can get your own room. Guests at the surf camp have many cuisine options and never go hungry. Breakfast, lunch and most dinners are included for all the guests that have booked the surf school or surfari package.


Not all dinners are included as we have found that our guests like to sample the cuisine at the variety of restaurants in Busua. Breakfasts are standard but guest are allowed to choose their lunches and dinners from the hotel and restaurant menus. This allows you to choose from the many delicious local dishes such as Red, Red (red beans and fried plantains in a spicy, red sauce) and Palava sauce (made from a spinach-lie vegetable) served with fish and yams, or to sample sea foods and other more familiar dishes, including a wide variety of vegetarian options. Both the surf school and surfari packages also include at least one fish BBQ and lobster dinner- on us!


SURF SCHOOL Learn to surf in warm water, with no crowds and perfect waves! That’s right, no fighting for waves, no wetsuits, and great beginner to intermediate surfing. Although surfing is relatively new to Ghana, the surfcamp’s experienced group of local and international surfer instructors have provided surf lessons in Busua for over a year now with great results. Depending on your level of surfing, the surf instructors will guide and help you improve your surfing skills. The low student-to-instructor ratio of 3-to-1 allows for extensive individualized attention and the best results.


We guarantee that after a week at our surf school a complete beginner will not only ride the waves straight into shore on the whitewash, but will be riding down the face of the waves. For the experienced surfer, combining the surf instruction with access to a variety of waves to match your surfing skill level and style will help you to improve quickly. If you would like to stay longer than a week, additional days can be added or we can offer you a 2 week package with some discounted prices.


The following is included in the Surfschool Package:

  • Accommodations-standard or upgraded
  • One night at an exotic, eco-friendly lodge with beginner waves nearby
  • 4 hours of surf school per day, all equipment provided
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Planned group activities




As part of the surfcamp experience we offer a variety of activities that will introduce you to the local culture, history and natural beauty that surrounds us. All of these activities are within a short walk or drive from Busua. Some of these activities are included as standard camp activities, such as a tour of Fort Batenstein and a traditional drumming and dancing performance.


Other activities can be arranged from the surf shop including a tour of nearby Fort Metal Cross, a visit to see local fisherman bringing in their catches and bartering prices at Dixcove fishing village, a river canoe trip, a visit to nearby Cape Three Points Forrest Reserve (the only coastal rain forest reserve in Ghana), or a kayak trip to Abokwa Island. Surf camp participants also receive a significant discount on drum lesson offered by local musicians on the Djembe or any of a wide variety of drums native to Ghana.



The Surfcamp lies on a beautiful and protected 2 km beach in the quaint fishing village of Busua. Busua us located in the Western Region of Ghana, near Cape Three Points, 36 km west of the city of Takoradi and 250 km west of the capital city of Accra. Busua is a wonderful mix of a traditional coastal village and tourist destination, allowing you to get to know the people and culture of Ghana, while providing you with many entertainment options in a very relaxed atmosphere.


Formed from the merger of the British colony of the Gold Coast and the Togoland trust territory, in 1957 Ghana became the first sub-Saharan country in colonial Africa to gain its independence. Ghana is one of the five African nations along the northern coastline of the Gulf of Guinea. It is bordered on the west by the Ivory Coast and to the east by Togo. Much of the attraction of Ghana is based upon its legacy as the center of the gold, ivory and slave trade during the 17th and 18th centuries, when the mighty Ashanti empire held sway here. However, Ghana also possesses one of the best game reserves in West Africa, a multitude of good beaches, and plenty of hospitality.


Ghana offers much more than just surf as it is also well regarded as a great African destination. The people are immensely friendly, the roads and infrastructure are well developed, transportation is reliable, and the country is peaceful and safe.  Ghana is also blessed with natural beauty and offers a whole range of outdoor experiences. Many places can be reached within a day and include Mole National Park, which is perhaps one of the best national parks in West Africa and boasts safari tours where elephants, lions, baboons, warthogs, monkeys, antelope, and other exotic African animals are commonly sighted. The country is blessed with a network of over 15 national parks and reserves that offer a wide-range of outdoor adventures.


Ghana also has an abundance of other tourist destinations that highlight the unique cultures found throughout the country. These destinations include a canoe trip to visit stilt villages, a walk through a monkey sanctuary where people and monkeys coexist peacefully, a scenic boat ride up Lake Volta, as well outings to one of the vibrant artisan villages or markets to buy beautiful artwork, carvings or clothes. Another spectacular attraction is the series of slave forts that are found along Ghana’s “Gold Coast” (one of which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site). Guided tours are available at almost all of the more than twenty forts- two of these forts are within walking distance of Busua.


The Surf


Ghana is undoubtedly a great place to learn how to surf. Located in the Gulf of Guinea and having a coast line that is East/West oriented, Ghana is positioned to receive uninterrupted ocean swells from the Southern Hemisphere. The ocean swells that hit the coastline travel great distances to reach our beaches producing some of the cleanest, most orderly and thus rider-friendly waves on earth. The combination of perfect waves, warm water and no crowds, as well as the endless activities to see and do in and around the picturesque fishing village of Busua, creates the ideal place for learning how to surf.


For experiences surfers, the Western Region of Ghana offers many surfing options. Although there are many respectable beach breaks and reef breaks, it is the point-breaks that make the Western Region of Ghana a highly desirable surf adventure destination. Join a surfari, get off the beaten path, and experience an African surf adventure complete with challenging waves, warm water and no crowds! The best time to take the surfari is between April and October when the swell averages between 1.3 meters (4 ft) and 2.1 meter (7 ft).




The weather in and around Busua is tropical. This means that the water is always warm and there in never a need for a wetsuit! The air is humid yet with the gentle ocean breeze in Busua it is barely noticeable. Ghana is close to the equator so there is little variation temperatures throughout the year. The average daily temperature ranges between 23° C (74° F) and 30° C (86° F). The rainy season is between April and June with an average monthly rainfall of 186 mm (7.4 inches). Even during the rainy season, it typically rains for 1-2 hours and the rest of the day is sunny and warm.

Getting Here



Accra Kotoka International Airport (ACC)


Arrival to Ghana is usually done through Kotoka International Airport in the capital city of Accra. Since Kotoka is Ghana’s only international airport all flights to and from the country originate here.


The airlines that service Accra with direct flights include British Airways, Lufthansa, KLM (Europe) and United (USA). Other carries with cheaper indirect flights include Royal Air Maroc. If  you are going to do some traveling in West Africa, another possibility for cheap flights is to fly to Felix Houphouet Boigny Airport  in Abidjan, Ivory Coast (airport code: ABJ). There are direct flights from France and other major European cities to Abidjan and it is only 2 hours from Busua.




Upon your arrival at Kotoka international airport, you will be greeted by a staff member who will give you a ride to the surfcamp in Busua. The ride is 3-4 hours on a paved road. If you come in on a late flight you will have the option of spending the night in Accra or going directly to Busua. If you choose to spend the night in Accra please plan on arriving one day before your surf school or surfari is to begin.


Shuttle service will not be provided back to Accra as many of our guests choose to visit other parts of Ghana before they return to Accra. However, if you are immediately going back to Accra after attending the surf school or surfari, we can provide shuttle service for a fee or we will provide you with travel information and recommendations to ensure a pleasant and safe trip back to Accra and Kotoka Airport.




Vaccinations: Malaria is widespread in Ghana so it is necessary to take a prophylactic malaria medicine. The most common pill forms are for Mefloquine (Lariam), Malarone, and Doxycycline. A yellow fever vaccination is required for all travelers. It is also recommended that that your


This Accommodation is no longer available

Prices will depend on what kind of accommodation and activity you prefer as well as whether you choose the surf school or the surfari. All surf schools and surfaris are one week in length minimum.


All prices below are stated in terms of price per person.  


STANDARD Shared Accommodation   One week Package (7nights/7 days)   *Extra day (1 night/1day)   Two Week Package (14days/14nights)  
Surf School 430 Euros 60 Euros 810 Euros  
Surfari 430 Euros 60 Euros 810 Euros  


UPGRADED Private Accommodation   One week Package (7nights/7 days) *Extra day (1 night/1day) Two Week Package (14days/14nights)
Surf School 480 Euros 65 Euros 880 Euros  
Surfari 480 Euros 65 Euros 880 Euros  


* The price per day is offered to those who would like to extend their stay for longer than one week.


An additional charge of 80 Euro/week/person is added during Christmas and Easter weeks due to increased rates for accommodations during these holiday seasons.


Airport pick up: There is a flat fee of 80 EUR for airport transfers (up to 6 guests) – Accra is a 4 to 5 hour drive from the surfcamp in Busua.