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Panorama Surf Hostel - Taghazout, Agadir. Maroc


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Our surf house is typically decorated in the Moroccan style, with exceptional views overlooking the well-known surf spots (Panoramas, Banana Point, Anchor Point) of the great south, all within less than 5mins’ drive. A few metres from the beach, you will be provided with all the comforts of home. Our tranquil house is shared with other surfers, living together in a very relaxed, familiar atmosphere.


The surf house is equipped with 10 bedrooms: dorm rooms with 2 & 3 bunk beds for up to 6 people, budget rooms on the basement level with 2 bunk beds for up to 4 people, and double & private rooms. The house has 5 bathrooms, 3 kitchens (one of which is at everybody’s disposal) and an upstairs TV room where you can choose between surf movies or channels of the world, books and surf magazines.


The open terrace is perfect for BBQs at night or just to chill out. The town itself is a great place to experience the extraordinary restaurants, surf shops and traditional market, all just few minutes’ walk from the house.


Every weekend we head into Agadir to let out the party animals inside. Usually we have some pre-party fun at the house and then all load into taxis and party up a storm at a few of the numerous pubs and clubs in Agadir. Karaoke, bongo drums and techno beats combined with Moroccan beer means there’s never a dull (or sober) moment.


You can also enjoy a traditional bathhouse where you can can get an exfoliating massage. Sunset Beach BBQ every Wednesday, visit to Vibrant Souks (Markets)and behind Taghazout: Paradise Valley, a little oasis with rock pools, waterfalls, jumping rocks and pure fresh water


Private rooms

  • Double rooms
  • Dorm rooms with 2 & 3 bunk beds for up to 6 people
  • Budget rooms on the basement level with 2 bunk beds for up to 4 people
  • Clean Shared bathroom
  • 3 kitchens (one of which is at everybody’s disposal)
  • Upstairs TV room
  • Surf movies
  • Channels of the world
  • Books
  • Surf magazines


You can choose from B&B, half board and all-inclusive. There is a kitchen on the third floor that is at everyone’s disposal. With the all-inclusive option, you will get the opportunity to experience traditional Moroccan cuisine.


The food of Morocco is a reflection of its long and colourful history, with French, Spanish, Jewish and Arab influences making a rich addition the culinary traditions of the Berbers. Arab influence was the first to be felt and is by far the most dominant.


Delicious Moroccan gourmet meals are cooked by our local chef every night. We’ll enjoy traditional dishes such as Tagine (a mini cone-shaped clay oven stuffed full of vegetables, seafood, or meat and then steamed over hot coals) and Couscous with veggies. For those with less exotic tastes, we’ll also have some more ‘western’ dishes available.


For lunch, we’ll eat salads, sandwiches and fresh fish on the beach. Breakfast is freshly baked breads, spreads, cheese, cereal and once a week, crepes! Daily vegetarian meals are also available.



2 hour lesson, 4 hours practice with the surf coach


To be a good surfer you must have your body trained, strong and flexible, your muscles prepared for hard paddling and balancing, and your mind clear and free from any stress. Nothing can help you better then yoga! In the Surf Camp we offer everyday Yoga, Pilates and Stretching classes that will help you not only correct, improve your posture and prevent any injury in the water but also increase your energy that you need in the ocean. To get mental relaxation that will help you to exclude your anxiety or tension on the board. 

Our classes are held on the roof of the house, so while practice you can enjoy the best view of Taghazout, the ocean and surfers on the waves.

More Activities

Party tours in Agadir

Every weekend we head into Agadir to let out the party animals inside. Usually we have some pre-party fun at the house and then all load into taxis and party up a storm at a few of the numerous pubs and clubs in Agadir. Karaoke, bongo drums and techno beats combined with Moroccan beer means there’s never a dull (or sober) moment.


Hammam (sauna)

Every Friday evening after a hard week of sun, sand and surf, we head to the local hammam. This is a traditional bathhouse where you can go to steam up and scrub down using the special black soap that softens and moisturises the skin. If you have aching muscles from too much paddling, you can get an exfoliating massage for only 50 Dirhams.


Sunset Barbecue

Every Wednesday is barbecue night, and when the weather is right and the sunset looks dazzling, we take our BBQ to a nearby beach and have a feast with the sand as our stage and the sunset as our backdrop.


Visit to Vibrant Souks (Markets)

Once a week, we take you into Agadir to the traditional Souk. This is a huge market in the centre of Agadir where you can buy anything from souvenirs like tagines, brass works and rugs to fruit, spices, clothes and shoes. A definite cultural experience.


Paradise Valley

This is as it says. A little bit of paradise tucked away in the hills behind Taghazout. It is a little oasis with rock pools, waterfalls,  jumping rocks and pure fresh water. On a nice sunny day, we can organise a trip to the valley so you can experience this beautiful place.

Extra Activities

Jet Ski

Have you ever felt the taste of speed driving the motor? Now you have no limits at all – just fly along the water as long as you want! Jet Ski is an easy and very exciting way to become a King of the Ocean and ride the waves with all possible power! If you are total beginner in water sports here in Morocco you can become a professional with the help of our instructors. Enjoy the views of the beautiful village of Taghazout from a different perspective.



The dream to fly like a bird can come true with us: here in Taghazout we have a special device that is becoming more and more popular around the world – Fly Board. The instructors will teach you how to use special equipment and explain the safety-rules. It’s easy to fly – just try! Even if you fall down, it’s not scary as the water is soft and warm so you can have another try and enjoy the balance and height!


Quad Biking

Discover the beautiful coastline surrounding Taghazout as you fly off during a great quad bike session. Our team will ensure this trip to be safe and unforgettable! If you have never done it before, you can start with an introductory lesson for you to feel confident. This driving will give you an opportunity to explore the whole area: the trek will be along the dense forest, mountains, wild beaches, rivers and dunes. This kind of activity is a nice addition to surfing in Taghazout: you can have a one, two or three-hour quad bike session, share it with your family or do it by your own.


Camel Riding

Imagine yourself on top of a camel, trekking through the Desert. This is real Berber lifestyle! Here in Taghazout we have even more: desert next to the ocean! It is undoubtedly a ‘must’ for every traveler in Morocco. This trek along the beach can give you an impression of real Arabian adventure in dunes and oasises, You”ll have a chance to see these magnificent desert landscapes Feel yourself a new Lawrence of Arabia and make some amazing photos to share with friends and family at home.



Agadir offers many types of amusements besides surfing! For sportive and active people Karting can become a really interesting one! We have a very nice, interesting and technical kart racing track. All rental karts are good and new, so your new sport experience will be safe and well organized! If you try it once you’ll be looking forward to repeat it again and share it with friends or surf-palls who you meet in line-up every day. Check out this new place to feel the adrenaline of speed!

A day in the camp

A usual day in our camp:

  • 8AM Morning Yoga (optional)
  • 9AM Breakfast
  • 10AM Surf Departure unless otherwise disclosed by Surf Coach due to high/ low tide
  • 11AM – 1PM Surf Lesson
  • 1PM – Lunch at Beach + Fruits + 1 litre water
  • Free Surf Time till 4 or 430PM – supervised but without surf coaching
  • 5PM Back at Surf House – clean equipment and wet suit
  • 7PM Evening Yoga
  • 8PM Dinner



From our huge rooftop terrace, you can get a clear view of all the major surf spots of Taghazout. Panorama, Devil’s Rock, Hash Point, Anchor Point – which produces a long right hander peeling off the rocks – and Mysteries, are all within walking distance of the house, with the beach a 2 min walk away.


We are affiliated to the Moroccan Surf & Body Board Federation and are a fully licensed and registered company and not an intermediary.


Our family-run business prides itself on our 6 year long history of providing stress-free holidays. Our friendly staff, relaxed atmosphere, professional surf lessons and daily traditional Moroccan meals cooked by our local chef have earned our surf camp rave reviews.


We are located in Taghazout, a close surf town 20 minutes north of Agadir, about 3 and a half hours from Marrakech. Since there are no addresses the best thing to do is give us a call when you arrive, or ask at West Coast Restaurant in the main street for the surf camp.

Venir ici

Airport Pickups

You can book your airport pick up in advance. The price of an airport pick up is the same price as a public taxi service would charge, the only difference is that our driver drives non stop (public taxis stop to pick up and drop off along the way) and has a comfortable and safe car. If you book an airport pick up the driver will be waiting at the arrival area, holding a sign with your name in it. 


From Marrakech airport

We do airport pickups from Marrakech at all hours of day and night. It s about 4 hours (depending on traffic) from Taghazout. We use a reliable private taxi-service for this. Maximum 4 people per transfer from Marrakech airport (or town).



Per person per night

  • Bed only: 13 EUR/Day

  • Bed & breakfast: 15 EUR/Day

  • Half board: 20 EUR/Day

  • Full board: 24 EUR/Day

  • Surf guiding: 25 EUR/Day

  • Surf lessons: 30 EUR/Day

  • Surfboard rental: 10 EUR/Day

  • Wetsuit rental: 5 EUR/Day

Surf Packages 

  • Guiding & Bed Package: €35 per person per day
  • Surf Lessons Package: €30 per person per day
  • Surf Guiding Only: €25 per person per day

Individual options

  • Surf lessons (2 hour lesson, 4 hours practice with the surf coach ) : €10/Day
  • Surf Spots Transfers: €8 Per day, 2 transfers with group (Not private)
  • Surf Board Rental: €8 Per day (from 9:00 till 19:00)
  • Wetsuit Rental: €5 Per day (from 9:00 till 19:00)
  • Agadir Airport Pick up (Night): €37 (from 20:00 till 7:00)
  • Agadir Airport Pick up (Day): €28 (from 7:00 till 20:00)
  • Agadir Airport Drop-off (Night): €37 (from 20:00 till 7:00)
  • Agadir Airport Drop-off (Day): €28 (from 7:00 till 20:00)
  • Agadir Bus Station Drop-off (Night): €18 (from 20:00 till 7:00)
  • Agadir Bus Station Drop-off (Day): €14 (from 7:00 till 20:00)
  • Agadir Bus Pick-up (Night): €18 (from 20:00 till 7:00)
  • Agadir Bus Pick-up (Day): €14 (from 7:00 till 20:00)
  • Marrakech Airport/Bus station Pick-up: (Day/Night): €115 (Airport or anywhere in the city)
  • Marrakech Airport/Bus station Drop-off: (Day/Night): €115(Airport or anywhere in the city)

All inclusive package

Daily price per person for the all inclusive package is 49 EUR, in a week stay the price is 339 EUR and guests will benefit from all those activities:


  • Accommodation in doorm rooms 4 to 6 Pax,10 EUR additional for double twine room,15 EUR for private room
  • Healthy breakfast (e.g Eggs, cereal, delicious Moroccan bread, tea, coffee, juice fruits)
  • Packed lunch (e.g. Fresh filled baguettes, rice/pasta salad, crisps,fruits & water)
  • Delicious traditional Dinners.
  • Daily professional Surf Lessons, 2 hours theorie and free surf rest of the day.
  • Daily transportation chasing the best wave of the day.
  • Surf Board & Wetsuit.
  • 2 Free Yoga classes 60 min per session.
  • Free access to the Jucuzzi hot tub.
  • Free WIFI internet access
  • Live music,work shop games Cinema & Surf movies, Pool table, Football table, Xbox, Roulette drinking games…
  • Friday night Agadir city tour & night clubing party.
  • BBQ Saturday.
  • Paradise Valley trip & Visit to the traditional bath house  »Hammam » and the local Markets ‘’Souqs’’’.



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