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Dreamland Retro Surf Retreat - Canggu/Bukit, Bali. Indonesia


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Surf from sun-up to sun-down — freediving your days away — or explore the amazing Bali. Our camp focuses on giving you the dream Bali surfing experience!


Our group retreat is fun but intimate and personalized — we don’t host crowds. We give our guests the best surfing experience, leave them with amazing memories, and better surfing skills. Your trip will be tailored for you, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced surfer you will surely enjoy your stay.


You can also enjoy a scooter ride and explore the Bukit area during your free time.


General Amenities

  • Queen size bedrooms with private bathrooms
  • Deluxe queen size with private bathrooms
  • Twin bedrooms with private bathrooms
  • Pool (optional)
  • Infinity pool
  • Common areas for lounging
  • WiFi
  • Air-condition
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Entertainment (Surf Movie Nights)
  • Daily breakfast
  • Water, tea, and coffee


Transportation from and to the Airport


2-hour Private Surfing Lessons

  • Learn from our Ambassadors
  • Two people per instructor
  • Lessons tailored by skill level

Surfboards provided

  • Twins | Singles | Quads
  • Softboards for beginners

10% Off on all Surfboards.




During the free time out guests can explore the Bukit/Uluwatu area, book a day trip, or sign up for a Freediving & Surf Survival classes with our knowledgeable freediving instructors.


Our retreat comes with 1-hour Balinese massage, and 1 hour of yoga for surfers, and will be scheduled during the retreat. (Additional classes are available for purchase including meditation, nutritional counseling and more).



Bali’s restaurant world will satisfy all types of foodies. Either you are a vegetarian, vegan or a meat eater there’s plenty of options to choose from. You can also enjoy magical evenings eating fresh grilled fish on the beach, while some of the most magical sunsets happen on this planet. (We are bragging a bit here).


Uluwatu has the most peaceful temples, popular nightlife spots with amazing views of the ocean, and the most scenic waterfalls within two hours of where we are located.


The schedule may vary depending on tides and wave conditions in order to give you the best surf experience.


06:30 Morning yoga or sunrise surf. (depending on tides)

08:00 Breakfast at your private villa or beach.

09:00 Two-hour surf session with one of our ambassadors on your board of choice.

13:00 Free time for lunch, dinner beach or exploration of Bali.

18:00 Sunset surf or yoga hour. (depending on tides)

20:00 Movie night.


Just a short scooter ride from your private villa, you have access to some of the best surf breaks in the world – and we have got the boards, local knowledge, and even the wheels to take you there.

  • ULUS

This mystical wave sits under a 10th-century sea temple. From the wide reef, you will look up at a 230ft rock-face with fingers of jungle spilling over the edge and the temple on the peak. Paddling out at Uluwatu and looking back to shore is a sight worth coming to Bali for in itself. On mellow days, the break offers space for surfers of different standards with a number of peaks to choose from with waves breaking left and right, while in prime conditions the left-hander breaks in sections with hollow barrels, walls, and steep drops.

Retro surf icon Gerry Lopez pioneered single fin surfing at Ulus which inspired our own Messy Tessi board, why not take one down there are test it out yourself?


Lively beach, bustling with warungs and tucked-away restaurants. The wave sits on yet another wide glittering reef which offers dreamy fast left-hander waves, though low tide takes the water pretty close to that reef so keep an eye on your beautiful fins! Check out our pics of Ambassadors Dean and Dodge dancing on this beautiful wave and if you want to see the real thing, ask them to take you out there.


This low key spot can still feel undiscovered at times when the crowds are low. Balangan is beloved for its peeling left-hander waves. After your surf, you can sit in one of the warungs (local restaurants) and watch other surfers try and match your style.




Our beautiful villas are located near dreamy, tropical waves and there are many other unique breaks to choose from. We encourage our guests to rent scooters and explore Bukit area and beaches during free time. Uluwatu is very easy to get around on a scooter or a motorbike. We offer low-cost scooter rentals and daily guiding tours.

Getting Here

FREE transportation to/from Bali International Airport (Ngurah Rai) is provided to all our guests. 


Our driver will meet the guests in the arrival hall and bring them to the villas.


Our drivers will pick-up guests from the airport, personally. Any off airport pick-ups and drop-offs locations are not included in the price and are subject to availability. They must be requested in advance.


Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS)  also referred to Denpasar International Airport is the main airport of the Island. Also, try to search for flights to Jakarta and then take a quick domestic flight to Bali. 




From Australia and New Zeland

Flights operated by


  • Garuda Indonesia
  • Jetstar Airways
  • Tigerair Australia
  • Virgin Australia
  • Air New Zealand


From Asia and the Middle East

Flights operated by

  • Air Asia
  • Cathay Dragon/Cathay Pacific
  • Emirates
  • Garuda Indonesia
  • Hong Kong Airlines
  • Lion Air
  • Malaysia Air
  • Malindo Air


From Europe

Flights operated by


  • KLM ( from Amsterdam)
  • Rossiya Airlines ( from St. Petersburg)
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Singapore
  • Dubai


From Brazil

Flights operated by

  • Qatar Airways
  • KLM
  • Air France
  • Emirates




Surfboard and equipment

Tourists are permitted to bring 3 surfboards into Bali for personal use. Any boards beyond the allotted three will be counted as imports by the Indonesian government and subject to a customs duty of around $100 US dollars per board, though this fee is often negotiable.



The currency of Bali and Indonesia is the Rupiah. It is best to arrive in Bali with a valid international debit card such as a Maestro (EC) or a widely accepted credit card.


Depending on your passport there are three options to enter Indonesia that apply to most travelers that come for tourist or social purpose only:

Note that your passport must be valid for at least 6 months and have an empty page for the visa stamp.

  • No Visa required (140 countries – FREE entry, 30 days valid, NOT extendable) 
  • Visa on Arrival (30 days valid, extendable once for 30 days)
  • Visa needed (apply abroad before arriving in Indonesia)

Check List

  • Travel Health Insurance
  • Vaccines: Tetanus Diphtheria, Typhoid, Hepatitis A
  • Light cotton clothing
  • High-tech, quick-dry garments
  • A pair of reliable flip-flops
  • Proper hiking shoes or sandals if you want to climb Mount Batur or Gunung Agung (Flip-flops not allowed)
  • Make two copies of your passport and travel insurance papers
  • Small knife
  • Small padlock
  • Hand sanitizer and toilet paper
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Torch/Flashlight
  • Plastic bags or cases for waterproofing electronics and valuables.
  • First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

  • A digital thermometer
  • Bandages (Band-Aids or “plasters”)
  • Medical tape
  • Acetaminophen (Tylenol/paracetemol)
  • Ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin)
  • Anti-diarrhea tablets (loperamide/Imodium)
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Antibacterial ointment or cream
  • Sharp tweezers
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Antihistamine tablets (Benadryl)
  • Motion sickness pills (Dramamine)
  • Electrolyte mixes
  • Latex gloves


Personal Retreat Experience

(3 nights minimum)

  • Economy | Deluxe options
  • With pool – $145 per person per night
  • Without pool – $125 per person per night

Personal Retreat Inclusions

3 days of private surfing classes

Accommodation in the Bukit

  • Queen size bedrooms with private bathrooms.
  •  Pool (optional)
  • Common areas for lounging
  • WiFi
  • Air-condition
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Entertainment (Surf Movie Nights)
  • Custom Welcome Package

Daily breakfast:

  • Daily variations
  • Unlimited water, tea, and coffee

Add-Ons: (Optional)

  • Yoga class
  • 1-hour full body Balinese massage

Transportation from and to the Airport

Exclusive Private Retreat

(3 people minimum)

  • 3 people – $450 per night ($150 extra charge for an additional person per night)

Exclusive Private Inclusions

3 days of private surfing classes

Luxury villa in the Bukit

  • Group bookings
  • Deluxe queen size and twin bedrooms with private bathrooms
  • Infinity pool
  • Common areas for lounging
  • WiFi
  • Air-condition
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Entertainment (Surf Movie Nights)
  • Custom Welcome Package

Daily breakfast:

  • Daily variations
  • Unlimited water, tea, and coffee


  • 1 Yoga class for Surfers

(Extra class with 5+ nights)

  • 1-hour Full Body Balinese Massage

(Extra massage with 5+ nights)

Transportation from and to the Airport

Day Surf Experience


• 1 person – $105 • 3 people – $315 • 5 people – $500 • 7 people – $675
• 2 people – $210 • 4 people – $415 • 6 people – $595  

Day Surf Inclusions

  • 8 hours of custom local trips, surf lessons, food + more
  • Local Warung Food
  • Traditional Balinese Food
  • One Young Coconut
  • We could scoot you around if needed
  • Welcome Package


Camp Add-ons

Surfing Class $39 per person
EXTRA surfing classes are available for booking, anytime during the retreat. Equipment, beach drop-off and pick-up
are included. You are free to surf in your free time too!
Freediving & Surf Survival Course $180 per person
8 hours of theory and practice, in water training and breathing techniques.
Custom Local Surf Trip Starts at $45 per person
Prices may vary depending on a group size and destination.
Boat Surf Trips Starts at $69 per person
Prices may vary depending on a group size and destination.
1-hour Yoga & Meditation $20 per person
Find your zen with our devoted yoga & meditation teachers.
1-hour Balinese Massage $15 per person
Get pampered by our massage therapists with in-house service.
Scooter Rental $45 per scooter
We encourage our guests to rent scooters and explore Bukit area and beaches during free time. Uluwatu is very easy
to get around on a scooter or a motorbike. We offer low-cost scooter rentals and daily guiding tours.
Water and Land Photography $200 per person
The water and land photography is a Digital Content Package created just for a guest, including surfing classes, trips,
and free-time. This photo package is perfect for social media shares and projector screenings.
Water Photography Package and 1-minute Drone Footage $350 per person
The water, land photography, and drone footage is a Digital Content Collage made of small movies and photographs
from the entire stay, including surfing classes, trips and free time.


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