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Punta Elena Surf Villa - Corralejo, Fuerteventura, Las Palmas. Spain


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The Surf House is situated just behind the beachfront, with stunning views over the small island of Lobos and Corralejo bay. It is located in an unbeatable area in terms of services and communication. It is near the main surfing area and other water sports spots. There are also countless interesting places around.


We are 2 minutes far from the beach and supermarket, 10 min from the center and the skate park. Ideal location on the beach, pool, fully-equipped kitchen, WIFI, BBQ area, chill out terrace, activities room and most importantly of all: super comfortable bedrooms and bathrooms. We also provide a secure place where you can save and clean your surf stuff to best enjoy your surf sessions.


We will guide and advise you on all the activities you can do around the island. We find the best schools and professional instructors that best suit your preferences and level of experience. Yoga, Pilates, Massages and Functional Training are also offered.


  • Capacity for up to 14 guests
  • 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms(3 double rooms and 2 quadruple rooms)
  • Full-equipped kitchen and laundry service
  • Internet/WIFI
  • TV and music equipmen
  • Shower towels and bedding
  • Parking
  • Pool and garden
  • Chill out Terrace
  • Outside shower
  • Private swimming pool
  • BBQ
  • Activities room and sports equipment
  • First aid kit
  • Books in different languages and table games
  • Iron + iron board
  • Hair dryer
  • Info Point: information and bookings for activities during your holidays in Fuerteventura












Getting to know the ocean and how a wave is formed is the base to improve your surfing skills. Let yourself be guided by the best, most passionate surf instructors who will take you to the spots that suit the sea conditions and your surf level best. Enjoy amazing surfing days with the best surf schools in Corralejo!


  • 4 hours lesson
  • Each lesson has a maximum of 8 people
  • Wet suit, lycra, surf board, surf wax and transportation to the beaches included.
  • Accident insurance
  • Private lessons and video analysis: just ask us for more information!



Windsurfing, (also known as Sailboarding) is a water sport that consists of a board powered by the strength of the wind and you. Fuerteventura is an island well known for its constant wind making it ideal for windsurfing. So good that one of the Windsurfing world championship rounds is held here.

The best time for wind is during late spring and summer. From May to September you can find strong winds (F4 strength) almost every day.  Trade winds (wind blowing from northeast to northwest) regularly blow with great intensity. During the rest of the year, from November to March, wind is a little more inconsistent, but you can always find waves in the north shore, so when the essential factors get together, you can enjoy a perfect day.


  • Equipment and transfer to the beaches from the school included
  • Maximum 4 students per instruct
  • 3 hour lessons
  • Accident insurance
  • Private lessons also provided. Just ask us for more information!


Although the practice of this sport in a wide spread way is very recent, it is known that since ancient times in China and Indonesia kites were used to drag small crafts. Of the hand of titled and experienced instructors you will be able to learn in ideal conditions to unroll yourself in this so exciting sport, consistent in staying raised to a surfing board but seized to a kite that you will handle using the wind blows in your favor to sail along the sea.


  • Equipment and transfer to the beaches from school included
  • 2 day lesson pack (3 hours at the beach + 3 hours in the water) from 230€
  • You will learn to fly!


Ancient Polynesian towns used it to cross between islands and nowadays it has reemerged as the latest discipline board sports. Additionally, it strengths your body and improves your balance. Stand Up Paddle (SUP) and Fitness activities like stretching, basic Pilate poses, and yoga while connecting with the ocean. Simple and smooth paddle movements strengthen your center, back, abs and legs, while improving your physical fitness, equilibrium and cardio.


  • 4 persons maximum per instructor
  • Equipment and transfers to the beaches from the school included
  • 2 hours lessons.


  • 5 learners maximum per group
  • S.U.P board, wet suit and a bottle of water


Healthy mind ans health body. We are aware of the importance of the physical and emotional equilibrium. Yoga discipline complements surfing perfectly in body and mind. When combined with functional training we are using resistance to improve body toning, strength and muscle elasticity.


  • Yoga and Pilate lessons, functional training and more.
  • Equipment included and small groups guaranteed
  • We can provide you with private lessons and custom lessons according to your level
  • Combining surf with other forms of body care will help you notice the difference in body and mind!


Hidden beneath the waves, there is a treasure trove of natural landscapes. Some of the ecosystems you can find when you submerge into the water are:
  • Sandbanks: Even though it might look like a desert at first sight, you can find animals beneath the sand that will amaze you. Pay attention and you might see one of these guys: stingrays, bothus podas, garden eels, lizardfish and more wait to be discovered
  • Sebadales: Submarine phanerogams are of great importance to the marine ecosystem since they provide it with large amounts of food while protecting many young species so they can grow during the first periods of their lives. They improve the water quality and help prevent coastal erosion. Moreover, they are a powerful biological indicator as they are highly sensitive to environmental changes and they have a high ecological value. It is essential to recognize them and preserve them.
  • Edges of shallow waters: In this ecosystem you will be able to see a great variety of species since this is the line that marks a depth change. You will see native species that live closer to the coast and others that live in deeper open waters like trumpetfish, yellow tales, abades or bicudas. Moreover, between the fissures and other dark zones you will find more eels, sea anenomes, sponges and glasseye.

    If you already have your diving license, you will be able to dive a lot in the island, but it’s always better accompanied by a guide. If you don’t have your diving license you can get it in Fuerteventura! To begin with, we recommend these three certificated diving courses offered through PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors):

  • Discover Scuba Diving or Bautizo
  • Open Water Diver
  • Advanced Open Water Diver

    Besides being an excellent relaxation technique, apnea (interruption of breathing for a certain time) can help you improve all your water sports skills. In Fuerteventura you can take different apnea courses, but we recommend the Apnea for surfers couse. This course is specifically designed for big wave surfers, paddle surfers, kayak, lifeguards and swimmers. Don’t miss it!






    • The Surf House is located in the best area of Corralejo, a quite residential area close to supermarket, bars, shops and all necessary services you need during your holidays in Fuerteventura.

      Fuerteventura, a natural paradise: There are several marine and terrestrial ecosystems of great relevance which have turned the island into a Natural Biosphere Reserve. The great variety of landscapes and rough, volcanic terrain make Fuerteventura the perfect habitat for a wide variety of birdlife. It is also a stopping place for migratory birds. In the Canary there are a number of conservation campaigns to help these raptors. Campaigns include efforts to preserve the  Scopoli’s shearwater (Calonectris diomedea), the world renowned Great Bustard or Avutarda (Chlamydotis undulata fuertaventurae).

      Beneath the waves there is hidden world where fish, mollusks, cetaceans, turtles and other creatures and seaweeds live together. You may find yourself locking eyes with some of these creatures:


    • TURTLES: One of the most common turtles in the island is known as the “Tortuga boba” or silly turtle (Caretta caretta). You can find them when scuba diving or snorkeling in the Isla de Lobos and they like floating calmly on the water’s surface.
    • CETACEANS: The Canary Islands are a key spot for the migration of many cetaceans. If you are lucky enough you might see sharks and killer whales, while looking out for other species who permanently live in our waters like the balaenoptera (Balaenoptera physalus and Balaenoptera edeni), the beaked whale, the less known calderones, and dolphins known for playing while swimming alongside the ships. You can see different dolphin species near the coasts including the common dolphin (Delphinus delphis), the blottle nose dolphin (Tursiops truncates), the Atlantic spotted dolphin (Stenella frontalis) or the stripped dolphin (Stenella coeruleoalba).

    Getting Here

    • By car: Puerto del Rosario direction, take the exit to Corralejo/La Oliva, and you will be here in about 40 minutes.
    • By Book it 24 hours in advance of your flight’s departure time and choose “Suite Hotel Atlantis Fuerteventura Resort” as destination. This is 1 minute from our house.
    • By Regular Bus: Line 6 from Puerto del Rosario, Las agujas stop or CC Campanario, both only 5 minutes from the house.
    • By taxi: Between 45€ y 50€ from the Airport.


    PRICING (year 2016)


    • Standard season:



    • High season:

    From 01.07 to 31.08 (both nights included) and from 24.12 to 07.01.17 (both nights included)

    225€/ night 

    * Total capacity: 14pax


    Cleaning fee: 100€ per booking

    Security deposit: 250€ cash upon arrival

    PETS ARE ALLOWED at no extra charge. Please inform.